How To Build An Email Notifications Team

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How to Build an Email Notifications Team

The functional roles SaaS product teams need to fill

Product emails and notifications are a core responsibility of SaaS product teams, but the skills of others also are required to make them work. In this article, you will learn:

Why SaaS email notifications are a team effort

The email team every SaaS product needs

How to manage responsibilities across multiple roles

Why SaaS email notifications are a team effort

You are only as great as the team you are working with, and for product managers, the right crew is a crucial factor in the success of the app that’s being developed.

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In the case of app generated email notifications, a consistent approach focused on the successful delivery of updates to users will be vital to the success of your product.

So for product managers, a product email team should have clearly defined roles and possess the right skillset focused on individual responsibilities and common objectives. A core group of responsibilities for a product email team should include welcome and onboarding messages, user invites, activity notifications, account management and security alerts.

Creating and managing an effective email infrastructure shouldn’t be a distraction from the everyday responsibilities and roles of a product team. Instead, it should enhance your performance and let you focus on increasing engagement, conversion and retention to drive growth.

The email team every SaaS product needs

Product Manager: the captain defines the requirements for a product email team for a simple reason: the most successful SaaS businesses treat email notifications as a core product feature. It’s likely that the manager’s whole focus may be on developing an app notification service that includes email alongside other forms of communication like SMS or push.

Technical Lead: the lead works with the product manager to design and build the technical foundation for triggering, generating and processing data for email notifications. Working with a team of developers, the lead will be responsible for ensuring that reliability and scalability of product emails are addressed.

Growth/Product Marketer: working alongside the product leader, these marketers should lead on the messaging, design and pace of app emails. They should also use rich data from the emails to drive forward user actions and engagement.

In combination with a cloud email delivery and infrastructure as a service provider that handles message generation, delivery and data, these key roles might actually be the structure that you need. But if your business still operates its own infrastructure and email server, two specialized roles could provide you with further stability.

Infrastructure admin and security: responsible for the smooth running of infrastructure and the first line of defense, it’s vital that the individual in this role understands the trade offs between managing email servers and relying on an email API.

Deliverability Manager: a skilled role, email deliverability managers can play a vital role in the development and implementation of an email notifications strategy and getting emails to an inbox safely, securely and timely.

How to manage SaaS notifications across multiple roles

Product email teams have cross-functional qualities, helping to support and play their part in reaching the overall objectives and goals of SaaS. With a different architecture than traditional campaign-based email marketing, product email teams have many similarities to teams that have been behind the growth of social networks and other successful B2C platforms.

The make-up of product email teams can make or break the roll-out and performance of a notifications strategy and a diverse and fully focused team is required for effective app development.

Anchored by the product manager, the five key roles in an email notifications team are all part of a solid structure focused on efficiency, security and success. For teams to reach their notification goal, it’s important that email infrastructure is seamless, secure and easy to manage, minimizing the risk of distraction from what members are employed to do.

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