Since 1970, people have been celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd in support of environmental protection. While we know that like last year,  you’ll likely be celebrating Earth Day from inside your home this year, there are still plenty of ways you can make meaningful changes that can reduce your impact on the environment. 

Check out our 10 ways to make your home office greener:

1. Maximize Natural Light

Home Office Greener

One easy way to go green? Set up your workstation near a window! This will allow you to reduce your energy-usage by keeping your lights off. If your wifi signal is strong enough and your patio furniture is clean enough, you may even consider working outside to take in nature as you get your job done!

2. Use a Solar-Powered Desk Lamp

Home Office Greener

We know that just because the sun has set doesn’t mean your workday is necessarily over. If you tend to continue working after dark consider investing in a solar powered desk lamp. Lamps like this will allow you to harness the power of the sun and keep your conventional lights off at night.

3. Turn Off the Lights

Home Office Greener

Similar to the first two tips…if you’re not at your workstation turn off the lights! It’s as simple as that.

4. Turn Off and Unplug Your Devices at Night

Home Office Greener

We’re all guilty of leaving electronics plugged into the wall even when we’re not using them which can be a big energy-waster. As you finish up your work, build powering down and unplugging your computer into your end-of-the-day routine. This will not only help reduce your energy consumption, but could also save you some money!

5. Go Paperless

Home Office Greener

As an email company, we may be a little bit biased on this one…but the numbers don’t lie. The average employee uses over 10,000 sheets of paper annually, which costs $80-100. If possible, avoid printing out documents to reduce your paper usage. It’ll be easier to find what you’re looking for in your inbox than in a stack on your desk anyway! 

6. If You Have to Use Paper, Print on Both Sides

Home Office Greener

We get it, sometimes printing a document is unavoidable. If you do have to print something out make sure to print on both sides of the paper. Adjusting your printer settings to duplex printing only takes a few moments. You can find the directions here!

7. Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Home Office Greener

After a long day of work, your desk might be covered in coffee rings and lunch crumbs which means it’s time for a wipe down. When cleaning your workstation, prioritize using eco-friendly cleaning products like these. Environmentally friendly cleaning product brands often don’t use harsh chemicals that can harm the environment and may use recycled materials to create their packaging.

8. Get a Desk Plant

Home Office Greener

Adding a plant to your desk will not only liven up your workstation but can be a great way to make your home office greener. Plants help reduce Volatile Organic Compounds and pollution in the air which will help you and the earth breathe a little easier. Check out this list of plants that could make the perfect addition to your desk.

9. Purchase Used Furniture

Home Office Greener

If you’re looking to build out your home office consider outfitting your space with previously-owned furniture (after properly sanitizing it of course). When you consider that 9 million tons of furniture go into landfills every year, the choice is obvious– a used desk or chair is the way to go!

10. Invest in a Water Filtration System

Home Office Greener

It’s time to ditch one-time-use plastic water bottles once and for all! If you’re craving filtered water during the workday, pour yourself an ice-cold glass of water directly from your filtered water pitcher. 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean annually and 45% of bottled water is just filtered tap water anyway– time to ditch the dasani! 

Happy Earth Day!

~ Erica