It feels like there is a subscription box for just about everything these days. Are you a make-up lover? If so you can try Boxycham, Ipsy, or Beautyfix just to name a few. Are you a bookworm? Maybe it’s time to try Book of the Month. Are you a Chicken owner looking for the latest and greatest products to tend to your flock? Yup….there’s a box for that too. According to Fast Company there are over 3500 subscription boxes on the market, a number which continues to grow. 

While there is certainly no doubt that subscription boxes are taking the direct-to-consumer market by storm, it’s important to consider the marketing strategies they employ to attract make-up lovers, bookworms and chicken enthusiasts alike to sign up. One method of marketing subscription box companies do particularly well? You guessed it– email marketing!

Check out 3 different strategies, 3 of the most popular subscription boxes on the market use to engage with prospective and current customers.

Building Urgency with Prospective Customers

Many subscription box services use email to build urgency around signing up for their memberships. Depending on the service, boxes are sent out on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis which means prospective customers have only a limited amount of time to sign up before they miss out on a particular box. In the case of Book of the Month, as their name suggests, they send out boxes monthly. In the example below, Book of the Month sends out emails to prospective customers letting them know that “time’s running out” for them to pick out their June book selection. Their bright graphic and succinct copy allows the whole entire message to serve as one large call to action, driving new users to make the leap from email subscriber to customer.

email marketing strategies for subscription box companies

Choices galore!

Many subscription boxes allow subscribers to customize the items they receive. However, customers must make their selections before certain deadlines in order to have the customizations reflected in their upcoming box. Boxycharm uses email to notify customers that “choice is open” and includes a few products that subscribers will be able to choose from. Emails like these not only serve to remind customers to make their selections but also work as prime marketing real estate for companies to show off the latest and greatest products, like eyeshadow palettes and face masks! 

email marketing strategies for subscription box companies

email marketing strategies for subscription box companies

Triggered Shipment Emails

There are few greater feelings than the one you get upon seeing that your long-awaited purchase is on it’s way. Shipment confirmations are one of the most important emails direct-to-consumer brands send, which is why subscription box companies send a ton of them! Check out FabFitFun’s shipment confirmation below. While the information in the message is operational and concise, the company dresses up the email in a fun template making the message visually appealing and on-brand. Those who order a lot of items online receive a ton of these sorts of emails, so it’s important to make shipment notifications unique and differentiated so they stand out in a clogged inbox full of lifeless transactional emails.

email marketing strategies for subscription box companies

The more subscription boxes there are, the more emails there will be. We can’t wait to see what other email strategies subscription services will begin to employ!

~ Erica