When building your selling strategy it’s important to stay flexible and agile in an ever-changing market. We all know that in what feels like a flip of a switch the verticals you were once targeting may no longer be viable prospects due to shifts in the economy.

One way to stay ahead of the curve in a changing environment is by leveraging competitive intelligence to sell and keep a close pulse on your competitors. Your competitors are likely rolling with the same punches as you, so why not stay one step ahead and “stalk” their strategy? And, once you’re done stalking, why not use those findings to sell more effectively?

Here are three ways you can boost your selling strategy with competitive intelligence: 

Find out which competitor your prospect is using and their deliverability rates

This probably feels pretty obvious when cooking up a strategy to win over a customer from a competitor. The only problem? As you know, this information isn’t readily accessible on the internet unless you do some extreme digging or happen-upon a published case study on your competitor’s site. Enter: Competitive Tracker.

Competitive Tracker is a tool which allows you to not only look up your prospect’s email provider but also see their deliverability rates with that platform. Want to build a compelling argument as to why your customer should switch providers? Hit your prospect with the cold hard data around their inbox rates and explain how your company can help them improve.

Compare your prospect’s deliverability metrics to a competitor’s that uses your platform

Another way to build a strong argument as to why your prospect should switch to your service is by comparing their brand’s deliverability to their competitor’s. If your prospect is using a competing platform and their competitor is using your service and is seeing improved deliverability… that’s something your prospect should definitely know about. You can easily gather this type of data using the “Brand Compare” section of Competitive Tracker which in addition to inbox rates also shows overlapping audiences and best and worst performing campaigns.

Once you’re done doing your research and building a case as to why your prospect should switch to your platform, it’s important to think about how to clearly present your findings. We recommend downloading a report directly from “Brand Compare” and attaching it to the email you send your prospect. Not only does the report lay out numbers that will interest your prospect but also gives visuals for folks who may be less data-centric. And, once your new customer is fully onboarded your team can continue to provide them with competitive intelligence reports on a monthly or quarterly basis!

Build your target account list 

Another great way to use competitive intelligence is to use it to build up your target account list. If you’re looking to fill your pipeline with some piping hot leads, be sure to do research on which email services companies are using. Your prospects don’t get to have all of the fun! The competitive intelligence laid out in Competitive Tracker will help you stalk your competition and see just who their clients are (and how they’re doing on their platform).

If you’re interested in boosting your selling strategy ASAP get started with Competitive Tracker today!

~ Erica