In the past SparkPost has held customer forums where we’ve only invited existing customers to participate. That seemed kind of exclusive and not reflective of our welcoming company culture. This year, we decided to do away with our customer forum and instead offer a vendor-agnostic industry conference where everyone can learn and benefit from the knowledge of industry pros.

I’m super excited to announce OptIn’19: The Email Intelligence Conference, we’re holding at the stunning Carmel Valley Ranch resort in Carmel, California on October 29-30, 2019. We have a great lineup of speakers and panels, a professional vendor-agnostic moderator, and plenty of networking time!

Through the course of the two-day event, we will discuss topics that explore how leveraging data impacts email, the customer experience, and marketing organizations as a whole, as well as email best practices.

Now I want to give you 7 reasons on why you should opt-in to joining us at OptIn’19.

  1. It’s vendor agnostic. We welcome competitors, peers, analysts, practitioners, and anyone else who is interested in email to thrive, learn, and connect with email. In fact, that’s our internal motto (TLC with Email) and we have shirts to prove it!
  2. Professionally moderated. We’ve hired former CNBC and Bloomberg journalist, Cory Johnson, to moderate the panel. He’ll be doing his own research and coming up with his own questions so it should prove to be nothing short of awesome.
  3. Diverse and inclusive. As part of this new initiative, the conference is offering Diversity and Inclusion scholarships. SparkPost is subsidizing two of those and will offer up to six more if sponsors are interested in subsidizing. The scholarship includes full passes, hotel, and airfare. If you’re interested in applying for a free ticket, hotel, and airfare, please apply here.
  4. Network like no one is watching. There’s a bit more time built into the schedule to network with folks you really want to hang out with and get to know better.
  5. Be a part of something that was first. This is the first email intelligence conference and the only conference that is centered around data and the future of email. We can’t wait to geek out with you over data and email. #emailgeeks
  6. Great speakers. We have a great speaker lineup so far with motivational speaker Michelle Poler, data scientist Hilary Mason, and a popular magician on Netflix. We also have speakers from Google, Women of Email, Virtru, 250ok, Kayak, and more.
  7. Carmel Valley Ranch. Need I say more? Not only is it super relaxing but as part of your registration, you get to experience one free activity of your choice. Choose from archery (who doesn’t want to be Katniss Everdeen??),yoga (namaste), cycling, cooking, hiking, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Early bird registration ends August 16th. And, if you’re interested in an extra $100 off, you can DM me on Twitter for a discount code.

Need to convince your boss? No problem, here’s a letter for you to copy and paste in an email:

Hi {boss’s name}

I’d really like to attend the OptIn’19 the Email Intelligence Conference taking place on October 29-30, 2019, in Carmel, CA. The conference is vendor-agnostic and will be covering how data impacts email, the overall customer experience, and email marketing best practices.

Here are three ways in which I envision my attendance at OptIn ‘19 strengthening {your Company Name}:

  1. Many of the sessions will cover best practices in {list what will increase efficiency, reduce costs, increase engagement, e.g. email deliverability, email security, personalization at scale, Google AMP for email, and general email best practices} —all areas that we need to get up to speed on to grow our business.
  2. Interactive Q & A sessions and keynote addresses from email and data science industry leaders and experts will bring me up to date on new and developing tools, which will help us build a more realistic and cost-effective short and long-term technology plan.
  3. Networking is also highly encouraged, so I’ll have plenty of time to speak with other attendees and speakers about issues and challenges facing similarly-sized companies like ours.

The cost of the event is $899, however, there is an early bird registration discount of $200, which ends August 16th. There will be additional travel and hotel costs, but I’ll do my best to stay within a mutually agreed-upon budget.

I realize that this is a significant funding request, and would be happy to write a post-conference report or blog detailing what I’ve learned, and provide a schedule detailing how to best implement any new changes that I learned. You can learn more about the event at Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns; I do hope we can make this work as I would really like to attend this conference.

{Your Name}

Hope to see you there!