Hello! My name is Sasha and I’m a Technical Support Analyst on the Frontline Support Team at SparkPost. We are a part of the greater support team and are all proud members of the Customer Success department. As technical support analysts, we are the frontline of customer support and primarily serve customers of the SparkPost application, as well as eDataSource, Boxbe and Taxi for Email.

Come along and I’ll share what a typical workday looks like for our Frontline Support team.

Starting the Day as a ​​SparkPost Technical Support Analyst

In order to support customers across the planet, we have team members working various shifts that overlap throughout the day. There is certainly no “i” in “team” and we work together collaboratively to respond quickly to all of the support tickets submitted by our customers. We respond to tickets submitted directly via the app, as well as tickets submitted via e-mail. In addition, we also answer live phone calls and chat messages for certain customers, based on their plan level. 

After I’ve breathed in the smell of my first cup of coffee, I sit down and take a look at our ticketing systems to see what questions need to be answered. Some tickets are relatively simple to respond to like password resets or defining fields or values within the application. For other tickets, I need to check with my team members to determine the best course of action based on the issues that the customer is describing. I am very proud of my team because we are the “human” touch of an otherwise self-sufficient application with a bounty of Help Center documentation that is available to help customers learn about the application and self-diagnose issues on their own. 

Oh – sorry for the delay! I’m back now. I was just on the phone with a customer calling in to report that they were having trouble injecting via API. We were able to talk about the endpoint that she was using in her transmission and got her all straightened out. Phone calls come in throughout the day and our team accepts the calls based on our availability. I’m actually about to pause my notifications because my personal enrichment hour is coming up, so I am glad I was able to take that call.

Work-Life Balance at SparkPost 

Our team spends one hour every day – on the clock – working on ourselves. We have a book club where we read titles on leadership and diversity. We discuss what we’ve read in a short segment of our weekly team meetings. I think that today, though, I will spend my personal enrichment hour studying for my next AWS certification. 

Lunchtime! I’m whipping something up in my rice cooker today and I’ll throw in a load of laundry while that’s cooking. We have been a “remote first” company since that one Thursday back in March 2020 when we were first told we’d be working from home for “two weeks.” Our team’s leadership immediately implemented “coffee breaks” into our schedules so that we could replicate the comradery and water cooler talk that we missed from not being in the office. Each day’s coffee break schedule varies and today’s session is later in the afternoon. Cameras are optional, but most of us keep ours on. 

Supporting SparkPost Customers Around the World

Okay, now I’m fed and ready to seize the… uhm, seize the afternoon! It looks like the queues were not super busy while I was making lunch. By this time, most of our European customers are getting ready for bedtime. The queues are slowing down and we are seeing more tickets from customers in the Americas. 

While English is the language we use for Support communication, we have team members from many backgrounds. They speak other languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Yoruba, Fante and Mandarin Chinese. We are not unfamiliar with language barriers here. There is usually a difference between what the customer wrote in the ticket and what the customer actually wants to know. We have customers from around the world – understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs is a major part of our role on the Frontline Support team. 

Customer Feedback at SparkPost

I have one last meeting scheduled with the product and engineering teams to talk about recent business activities. We need to outline our goals for the upcoming quarter. It’s important that the Support team is involved in those discussions so that the feedback is clear and reflected in the development of new releases for our applications. I’m always grateful for how transparent SparkPost is not only with our customers, but also internally so that we can openly discuss the initiatives and priorities of the business.

Alright then! It’s about that time to wrap up my responses to the last few tickets of my shift. I need to make sure my teammates who are still online are familiar with issues I was working on before I log off and spend the evening with my family. It’s pizza night here and we are going to catch up on the latest episode of something. Thank you for joining me today! I’ll see you tomorrow in the Support queues 🙂 

~ Sasha

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