Peek behind the IT curtain of nearly any large organization and you’re bound to find multiple email systems linked to multiple data sources, with little coordination companywide and no integrated messaging infrastructure in place. It stems from the common practice of partitioning message deployment systems by business division or function — with each department maintaining its own in-house and sometimes outsourced sending capabilities. As companies add mobile text, IM and social messaging capabilities to the customer communications mix, the problems posed by redundant messaging infrastructure are mushrooming. It’s not just that maintaining multiple systems and operations gets costly, what’s worse is that the disconnects between the communications layer and the data layer beneath it inevitably lead to less effective customer engagement.

Customer Communications on a Single Platform

Message Systems solutions are based on the concept of a single, unified system for managing all messaging across the organization. Our solutions enable even the largest businesses to consolidate their diverse messaging infrastructure, and help you to realize the full value of your customer data. It doesn’t matter if you have five data sources involved in your messaging programs or fifty, a Message Systems solution can serve as the central communication facility and control point for all your message-based customer communication. Because our messaging infrastructure platform includes a rules-based policy engine, scripting capabilities and modular framework with open APIs, you can tap any CRM instance or database in order to source customer insight for informed customer interactions.

Consolidate and Save

Many of the enterprises that rely on Message Systems solutions find that their investment in our technology pays for itself through lower operational expenses and higher ROI in a matter of months. A total economic study by Forrester Consulting found that a mid-sized company ($200 million in annual revenue) could expect a risk-adjusted ROI of 115%, along with a payback period of 10 months by consolidating messaging infrastructure on the Momentum platform. Total cost savings and revenue gain? $1,069,399 over three years:

Hardware avoidance savings: $58,192
Fewer servers are needed for the Momentum platform versus legacy on-premises solutions.

IT labor savings: $615,496
The Momentum platform automates many laborious and taxing manual tasks when it comes to traffic shaping and deliverability optimization, leading to far greater ease of management.

Incremental gross margin profit: $395,711
Many organizations on commodity MTAs suffer from poor deliverability. The Momentum platform increases deliverability, leading to increased revenue and profits.

Whether you’re replacing outdated MTA-based messaging infrastructure or bringing your sending operations in house through a phased deployment, consolidating on Message Systems technologies can increase ROI shortly after implementation. Message Systems delivers benefits like these because our solutions enable you to streamline your messaging operations in many different ways.

Read the full Momentum total economic impact report by Forrester Consulting – Learn how to drive revenue and enjoy cost savings with a more efficient email infrastructure.