We’re excited to announce today that SparkPost has partnered with ActionIQ, leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, to offer an integrated solution that gives organizations more robust capabilities with their customer and email data, helping transform digital customer experiences. The solution gives brands real-time email delivery, intelligence, and personalization, bolstering the ability to deliver customer experiences that are uniquely tailored. By deploying the SparkPost-ActionIQ offering, marketing organizations across all sectors can forge customer relationships and drive revenue more cost-effectively, by merging data where it matters and applying data insights at scale to benefit customers. 

SparkPost’s powerhouse capabilities in both email delivery and real-time data analytics complements ActionIQ’s CDP solution seamlessly, and the integrated solution plugs seamlessly into existing martech stacks in a way that drives down costs for brands all the while surfacing valuable data insights that benefit digital marketing campaigns.  

“Meeting the data aggregation and analytical needs of enterprise-level email programs is not an easy task,” said Hal Muchnick, Chief Commercial Officer at SparkPost. “By combining the power of ActionIQ and SparkPost’s intelligent email solutions, organizations can deliver data-powered, highly tailored communications cost-effectively. This drives better engagement for the reader and improves their on-going brand experiences.”

As the marketing world continues to lean on digital solutions to engage customers, ActionIQ and SparkPost’s partnership comes at a pivotal time, delivering to meet new marketing pressures and constraints in an increasingly budget-conscious environment. To learn more, read the press release here

~ April