Administrative roles are critical but often overlooked at a lot of companies. The role of an admin is unique in that they provide services not to an organization’s clientele but to its staff. Admins make sure that the office and teams have what they need to serve their customers well. Most organizations have plenty of incentives and celebrations for their sales, management, and customer service teams but not much in place for admins. SparkPost is a rare company that offers gratitude, support, and respect for its administrative staff regularly, not just on a single day. Today we’re celebrating Administrative Professionals Day with a look at some of the top core values our admins embody and appreciate.


Gratitude journals, logs, and daily reflections are really trendy right now. Studies show that reflecting on what you’re grateful for leads to a happier and more fulfilled life. Expressing that gratitude to those around you is equally important. As an admin at SparkPost, I never have to question if colleagues value my work. Managers and individual team members always reach out with sincere gratitude and compliments. Showing appreciation might seem like a small thing but really makes all the difference in creating a pleasant work environment.


My parents warned me that administrative roles don’t offer much room for growth within an organization. This is another instance where SparkPost is a unicorn. My manager is always open to new ideas that I suggest and guides me through making those ideas a reality. Since starting at SparkPost, two of my administrative colleagues have moved to new roles in Sales and Marketing. Both worked with those respective teams in their admin roles, learned more about the teams, and made a career transition. SparkPost offers support to any employee that wants to learn more about different aspects of the company. I love seeing my co-workers grow and tackle new responsibilities. I also know that when I want a new challenge, my team will be there to support me. This is another way SparkPost illustrates its investment in the admin team as a whole.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I think the past two examples of gratitude and support help demonstrate this last one. This company has a dedicated sense of principles for its corporate culture called the Circle of Awesomeness. You can read more about how dedicated we are to living these values here. I’ve worked as an assistant in government, non-profit, and small business and SparkPost is by far the place where I feel the most respected in my role. While most of that is due to wonderful colleagues and management, it’s also because the root of our company culture encourages respect at all levels.

Every quarter, SparkPost gives out peer nominated awards based on employees’ demonstration of the values in the Circle of Awesomeness. In the past year, three members of the admin staff won an award. The staff here clearly respects and values the work of the admin team. The effect that our company culture has on myself and fellow colleagues is contagious. I love coming to work, organizing events, completing projects and knowing that my assistance is valued by SparkPost.

So, while i’m grateful that there’s a day dedicated to appreciating Administrative Professionals, I’m even more grateful that I found a position at SparkPost where I’m appreciated, supported, and respected on a daily basis. I hope that every admin finds a similar corporate culture!


Stay tuned for an upcoming post on take your child to work day – we’re teaching little SparkPosters how email plays a role in everyone’s daily life!