Today we’re excited to announce that the Litmus solution now integrates with SparkPost’s Design Tracker! The integration of Litmus into SparkPost’s Design Tracker (an enhanced feature of Inbox Tracker) allows senders to preview email across popular email clients and devices to ensure every email creates a seamless subscriber experience. With this integrated solution, Design Tracker recommends design improvements and automatically renders content across a broad selection of desktop, web-based, or mobile email clients. Email marketers with a Litmus Enterprise plan will now be able to easily build, test, preview/review, execute and analyze email campaigns all in one place. 

Having to switch between multiple applications to design a single email is not only tedious but can lead to unnecessary confusion on the part of the email marketer. More than that, this inefficiency can negatively impact the end user experience. By leveraging the Litmus and Design Tracker integration, email marketers can better collaborate, design, and execute email campaigns resulting in an improved customer experience. The integration creates a streamlined digital environment for email marketers to focus on the content and experience of their email programs rather than aggravating editing and formatting issues that arise due using multiple tools. 

Email marketers know the frustration of building a great email only to find that it does not render correctly across different devices. We believe that this integration will alleviate this unique stress that email marketers face everyday as they create engaging and innovative email campaigns. By bringing together two of the biggest names in Enterprise email, this integration will enrich email marketers’ toolkits and even better, make their jobs easier.

We are so excited for email marketers to start making use of this powerful integration to streamline their processes and unleash the potential of their email programs!

~ Chris

2021 Email Benchmark Report