Artificial Intelligence and Your Inbox

Once upon a time, when I heard the phrase ‘AI’, I would immediately think of SkyNet, the self-aware computer determined to eradicate humanity in Terminator or the bio-engineered androids that were virtually identical to humans in the movie Blade Runner.

Flash forward several years, and AI is no longer something out of a science fiction story. Now, Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we do business. From workflow management tools to trend predictions, to even how brands purchase advertising (Google Adwords, PPC, etc.), AI is paving the way for innovation.

Consequently, it seems only fitting that AI is now helping to change the email marketing landscape.

Consider some recent statistics by the Radicati Group regarding email usage:

3.7 billion – the estimated number of email users worldwide.
269 billion – the estimated number of emails sent per day
2.4 million – the number of emails sent every second
74 trillion – the number of emails sent every year
49.7% – the percentage of emails that are spam


These figures are staggering. And while email still provides companies with the most bang for their marketing buck, this does raise a few questions. How do we, as marketers, break through all of the email noise and ensure we are communicating the right message to the right people, and at the right time?

Unfortunately with the economies of scale, many companies rely on semi-personalized email communications and batch and blast techniques, which unfortunately all but guarantees that their email ends of being part of the 135 billion spam emails sent each day. How can you make sure your organization’s emails make it through to the inbox?

Enter Artificial Intelligence.

If you think about all the applications that are now implementing and benefiting from AI, using it to enhance marketing and transaction email really is a no-brainer. However, there still seem to be some hurdles with organizations truly bracing the power of AI.

While the concept of AI and Email Marketing has been on the horizon for some time, many organizations while seeing it’s value are still relegating it to ‘back seat’ by essentially bolting it onto whatever legacy marketing platform they’ve implemented and grown accustomed to. While it certainly helps, they aren’t realizing the value that AI has to offer.

In order to see true success, AI must be front and center – driving marketing forward, not treated as an after-thought.

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