The SparkPost email delivery service has been cloud-native from the start. Our decision to avoid the limitations of a data center and instead to build on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a big reason why SparkPost is able to deliver billions of emails monthly for the world’s largest email senders—within seconds—and can guarantee this low latency and reliability for our customers.

AWS has given us significant development and operational benefits as our business has grown rapidly. We know many other growing businesses also are leveraging the benefits of an AWS-based cloud strategy. That’s why we’re very excited to have launched SparkPost on AWS Marketplace. Now it’s even easier for AWS customers to integrate SparkPost into their cloud applications.

Enabling Powerful AWS Apps with Email

With our service in AWS Marketplace, SparkPost makes it simple for AWS-centric development teams to implement email notifications and other app-generated emails, such as welcome and onboarding messages, user invites, engagement prompts, and account management and security alerts.

SparkPost’s email API gives app teams the tools they need to generate and deliver these critical emails to the inbox—with rich analytics and other features that help developers create powerful apps with email data. Native libraries for most popular languages used by AWS developers, including NodeJS, Python, PHP, C#, Java, and Go, make it easy to get started.

And SparkPost’s focus on enterprise-grade reliability and security complements the elastic scalability and robust security customers benefit from AWS itself.

Simple Sign-up and Convenient Billing with AWS Marketplace

SparkPost’s AWS Marketplace listing gives AWS customers simplified sign-up, with the subscription consolidated onto one AWS bill. Any service subscription made through AWS Marketplace also contributes to the calculation of a customer’s total spending for consolidated billing volume discounts. That means subscribing to SparkPost in AWS Marketplace can help maximize savings.

And beginning next month, AWS customers also will be able to subscribe to SparkPost’s premium support services, enabling access to dedicated Technical Account Managers and highly experienced email deliverability experts. These services are available to help any business, large or small, take advantage of the same expertise that leading tech business such as Pinterest and Zillow rely upon to achieve high email delivery rates.

Subscribe to SparkPost on AWS Marketplace by selecting one of the available plans and creating an account on the SparkPost sign-up page. And that’s it—your development team can get started right away.

SparkPost is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner

In addition to joining AWS Marketplace, SparkPost is a proud to continue as an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN).

By the way, SparkPost is a Gold Sponsor of AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas November 27–December 1. If you’re a developer working with AWS, please swing by booth #2021 and say hi!


P.S. For more information on the launch of SparkPost on AWS Marketplace, see our press release.

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