The Importance of Application or Product-Generated Emails

Application or product-generated emails are essential to SaaS apps and services. For consumers that use these products to schedule appointments, purchase items, or even reset their passwords, an email is expected instantaneously to legitimize these transactions.

When important receipts, confirmations, and notifications fail to reach customer inboxes in a timely manner, trust with that SaaS provider is lost. This can result in users taking their business to other vendors. That said, application and product-generated emails are vital to the customer lifecycle.

How are SaaS providers Using Application or Product-Generated Emails

For SaaS providers, application or product-generated emails help drive and nurture customer relationships. When these messages end up in the spam or promotions folder, recipients are less likely to open and interact with them—resulting in missed opportunities for SaaS vendors to engage and retain consumers.

With application and product-generated emails being core to SaaS business goals, we surveyed 124 executives in software and eCommerce companies in the United States to find out how they use these types of communications to reach their customers. The survey questions included: What platforms do you use? What difficulties do you face in achieving high inbox placement? How can you improve your email performance?

Key Survey Results

The key survey results show that one-third of respondents use in-house systems to send application and product-generated emails. Many of these SaaS vendors are constantly working to improve their systems. For example, 50% want to improve engagement, 16% want to implement new features to improve sales, and 19% want to implement a whole new system.

Maintaining and improving email performance is no easy feat, therefore these SaaS vendors are working harder than they have to to activate, engage and retain customers through with application and product-generated emails. Further, considering the volume of emails these companies send on a yearly basis, even an incremental discrepancy can result in a significant loss in revenue or other opportunities.

If email deliverability, security and customer engagement are keeping you up at night, then check out our ebook that includes our survey data, as well as information on how to provide the best user experience to your customers. We offer simple steps for improving application and product-generated emails to help you work smarter (not harder) to deliver the high demand brand experience your customers have come to expect.