When you think about how vast the Internet is, and how much information is transmitted on a daily basis, it might seem inconceivable that the email marketing software platform from one company alone sends more than 20% of legitimate B2B and B2C email traffic – that’s right, legitimate, meaning non-spam. However, the proof is in the numbers and we’re going to break that down for you today.

Momentum-originated traffic totals 150 billion messages a month and 5 billion+ messages a day. How do we know this? Many of our customers directly share volume data with us, and others provide ballpark figures to us. There are also third-party information sources such as Cisco Senderbase. Taken altogether, we’re confident that we have a solid conception of traffic volumes transiting the Momentum email marketing software platform.

We’re careful to state that we send 20% of legitimate email, because unfortunately, when someone thinks of bulk email traffic in today’s world, spam immediately comes to mind. A Radicati report says that in 2013, daily email traffic was 154.6 billion per day. Cisco Senderbase states that 86% of email is illegitimate, meaning only 14% is good. Through a quick calculation, we can tell that:

  • Daily legitimate email traffic is: 154.6 billion x .14 = 21.56 billion messages per day.
  • Message Systems daily traffic is therefore:  21.56 billion ÷ 5 billion =  23.29%.

So the 20% figure is a conservative estimate that carefully takes into account the percentage of global email that is considered spam. We have applied that standard rigorously to the total amount of messages sent via Momentum email marketing software, so as to portray a fair and accurate account. The fact is, we work with many of the highest-volume senders on the Internet. When you look at our client base you’ll notice that it includes many of the world’s top online companies, such as Facebook, PayPal, LinkedIn and Twitter, and many large ESPs and hosting companies like Rackspace – credible companies with a genuine need for a high-performance messaging platform. In short, non-spammers.