It’s the most confusing time of the year! That’s rightit’s the week between Christmas and New Years which means we’re all still eating leftovers and trying to remember which day of the week it is. In honor of this week aka “snowman’s land” we’ve created a list of our favorite content from 2020 to bring some much needed organization to your empty schedule.

Check out our favorite pieces of content from 2020:

Email In 2021

If you’re in the midst of planning your 2021 email strategy or have an interest in understanding where the industry is headed check our most comprehensive benchmark report ever!

SparkPost’s Data Sources Explained

Founder and Chief Evangelist, George Schlossnagle breaks down the eight data sources that make up SparkPost’s data network, the largest of any delivery analytics provider.

This year, OptIn Live was jam-packed with actionable advice from Ann Handley, Shar van Boskirk, and a line-up of amazing experts from across the email industry and beyond! Whether you were able to attend or not, we’ve got you covered with on-demand recordings of all of the sessions!

Subscribe To This 

Sit back and watch as Director of Brand and Content Marketing, April Mullen, interviews the most interesting people in the world of email marketing from the comfort of her home office. Click on the above link to watch episode #03 featuring Ada Barlatt, Founder and Chief Data Scientist of OperationsAlly.

Email, duh. 

In his video series, Founder and Chief Evangelist, George Schlossnagle, sits down with influencers in the email industry and picks their brains about why they’ve chosen a career path in email. Click the link above, to watch episode #05 featuring Alyssa Nahatis, Head of Global Deliverability at Adobe.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Email List Hygiene

Take a look at this helpful flowchart which outlines how to maintain a healthy and engaged email subscriber list and pointers on what mistakes to avoid.

Proven Strategies and Missed Opportunities: SurveyMonkey and SparkPost Unveil Retail Consumer Survey Insights For Improved Email Communications

We teamed up with SurveyMonkey to launch a survey that captures how retail consumers feel about email from their favorite retail brands. Check out the results in this comprehensive blog post!

7 Essential Email Audits For Every Email Marketer

Discover the 7 email audits every email marketer should perform to avoid embarrassing mishaps and ensure a smooth customer experience in this guide.

Customer Success: SparkPost’s Values In Action

Senior Customer Success Manager, Steven Rausch, shares how our Customer Success team leverages our company values to benefit our customers.

Send It School

Mastering email can seem daunting but we’re on a mission to make you a star. Climb aboard! Let’s explore the uncharted territories of our email universe so you can take command of your program. We take off in 3, 2, 1…

We hope you enjoyed all of the content we published over the past year! Here’s to even more content in 2021! 

Happy new year!