It’s World Emoji Day and I 😍 emojis! They’re both efficient and 🎉 to use. I even have a few pillows in my 🏢 (a 🎁 from someone who knows me well).

I’ve ✏️ about best practices for incorporating emojis into your ✉️ strategy and we’ve also previously ✏️ about how to create your own emojis on your 📱 or MAC. There’s also a 🎬 coming out, aptly named, The Emoji Movie, July 28, 2017 (think Inside Out meets Monsters Inc.) Who woulda thought that was necessary? 🙄 \_(ツ)_/¯

Did you know?

There’s actually a whole emoji consortium who decide the ☠️ of emojis. From a formal submission process for new emoji requests to a 🗳️ mechanism for new emojis. In fact, emojis have taken over the way we 💬 from texting, email, and Slack, to Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook and Twitter. Face it, emojis are here to stay💪.

Best Uses of Emojis in Marketing

In honor of World Emoji Day, I thought I’d highlight some of the best uses of emojis I’ve seen in marketing.

Best use of an emoji in a billboard ad: New Relic

Twitter has stated that campaigns with branded emojis extend a brand’s presence across Twitter, earning 420% more impressions on earned media.

Best use of an emoji on Twitter: Spotify

Dominos AnyWare campaign let you text the pizza emoji to order a pizza. It was a well-integrated campaign incorporated into out of home advertising as well.

Best use of emoji in text: Dominos
Image credit: Tatango

Photo credit: Tatango

Lastly, we know emojis are great in email subject lines. For one, they cut down on words and catch your 👁️ as you are skimming your email 📥. But they also need to make sense and they need to be relevant to the content within the 📧, otherwise, it’s a huge fail. Sometimes emojis can be overused. Here are five brands who used the same emoji in their emails hoping to stand out in my inbox, only to get lost in the shuffle for lack of originality.


Best use of an emoji in an email:

I don’t have a best one, but I have a few good ones. These stood out in my inbox and made me click.





If you love emojis as much as I do, then you might be interested in the top 40 emoji requests Emojipedia recently documented for the last 12 months. 

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p.s. Now, in case you’re tempted to see that movie…here’s one of the trailers.