PMTA Now Has Vault Integration for DKIM Keys

We’ve launched an integration with HashiCorp Vault so that you can safely store your DKIM keys outside of your config and behind an access-managed wall. 

In practice, it looks like this:


This is useful for a lot of reasons, but it’s mainly about being able to expand what services and departments within your company have access to the PMTA config without expanding the number of services or team members that have access to your secrets and confidential data. This means smoother integrations, easier scaling, more flexible deployments, and happier security and compliance teams – something we can all get excited about! 

Supporting this type of functionality is designed to make DKIM management and best practices easier to adopt. Leveraging a Vault integration means that keys can be rotated more smoothly by allowing keys to overlap without changing the configuration on PowerMTA. Upgrade to the latest version of PowerMTA and make this year the year you finally get all of those best practices in place. 

We are releasing this tool as part of the PowerMTA 5.0r8 bundle that’s available for download now. 

For more information on why it’s important to have a modern approach to DKIM management, check out this article, if you want to learn more about DKIM from the source, check out, and if you want to tell your Grandmother about all the cool things that the PowerMTA team is working on (I know I do!) you can use SparkPost’s Grandma’ Approved Guide to DKIM

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