Starting today, we’re rolling out an enhancement to the SparkPost Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that will result in better uptime and burst rates for customers.

All customers will now enjoy a new 99.99% Uptime SLA. This is in addition to the Uptime SLAs that our Enterprise customers already enjoy.

The new SLA covers a 5% credit on a future month’s bill. If you’re an Enterprise customer, you’ll still retain higher percentage credits for 99.9% and below.

Customers that don’t already have a special burst rate SLA will receive a guaranteed 2MM/hour burst rate SLA as a standard part of our Enterprise contracts.

Additionally, all Enterprise customers are still eligible to include a burst SLA in their contract that is higher than 2MM/hour (we have some customers in the hundreds of millions per hour!). This standard 2MM/hour is a benefit that we’re excited to provide across the board.

Why Is Burst Rate Part of our Service Level Agreement?

At SparkPost, we take pride in being the solution for Enterprise sending. Deep understanding of customer needs and business cases allow us to tailored solutions specifically to them.

SparkPost provides a solution tailored specifically to customers

Rather than a “one-size fits all” burst rate, we believe in a solution that conforms to business cases and results in larger payouts. This offering helps us build deeper customer relationships and helps us do our part to be an exceptional partner.

SparkPost’s Expected Level of Service

When discussing SLAs, there’s a common and valid question that often comes up: What is the expected level of service a customer should receive from SparkPost? In other words, aside from SLAs, which function somewhat like an insurance policy, how should you expect our service to perform?

To answer this, I’d refer anyone interested to the SparkPost Status Page. From the Status Page, you can view the performance of nearly all SparkPost services.

In regards to uptime, expect at least 99.99% availability of SparkPost services required for communicating with your customer base.

For burst rate, expect to comfortably and consistently send traffic at at least 2MM/hour or 15% of your daily contracted volume/hour.

Going Forward

For self-serve customers, the changes are immediate and additional details can be found in our Terms of Service. SparkPost Enterprise customers should have received an email, sent  to your account administrator, explaining how to accept the enhancements.

As we continue to grow, we expect to push the industry forward with new and compelling SLAs that show we understand our customers’ needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Sending!

~Harold Vass
Group Product Manager for Email Delivery

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