Preview AMP Emails in SparkPost with Our Enhanced Template Feature

Make way for AMP Preview!

I’m happy to announce our first enhancement to your AMP experience: AMP Preview. AMP Preview brings the ability to preview and render AMP content as you build out your email template. This is an effective way to verify that your AMP content is valid and will render as expected in the recipient’s inbox. You can now preview all three MIME parts of your email (HTML, AMPHTML, and Text), as well as send a test message to yourself, all from the Preview Page.

We’re ridiculously excited about AMP email and what it means for our customers and the future of email! We’ll be at Google I/O this year to present about AMP for Email on May 9th on Stage 5 at 12:30 pm pt, and will be participating in several office hours throughout the developer festival to provide some hands-on AMP email assistance and knowledge sharing. If you’re attending as well, we’d love to talk with you about AMP for email!

Wait, what’s AMP email?

Google and the publisher ecosystem spearheaded the open source AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project to help publishers develop fast web pages that are optimized for mobile clients. Since its launch in 2016, AMP has had a large impact on the mobile web user experience and engagement.

Launched on March 26th, AMP for Email (also known as AMP email) adapts the AMP technology to the unique needs of the email inbox. AMP email gives senders the ability to enhance messages with interactive and data-driven features that have the potential to transform the way recipients interact with messages. It seeks to enhance and modernize the email experience through added support for dynamic content and interactivity while keeping users safe.

AMP for Email provides email developers with a set of rich components that include carousels, responsive form elements, and—maybe most exciting of all—the ability to dynamically retrieve fresh content that updates even after a message has been sent. Email recipients can view and interact with AMP components directly in the email, without leaving their primary inbox experience. This means you can now make purchases directly in the email, acknowledge a security alert, submit an RSVP to an event, schedule an appointment, reply to a document comment, and fill out a survey or questionnaire…all without leaving your inbox!

Go get started! More AMP fun is on its way!

Check our AMP Preview documentation on how to get started and start sending some AMP messages to your inbox starting right now! We hope you have a ton of fun creating AMP content and exploring new and exciting AMP use cases!

We’ve been busy supporting AMP email from day 1 of the official launch and helping our customers get started with AMP. We’re now focused on continually adding new features and enhancements to make the adoption of AMP emails even easier and faster! Here’s what’s coming really soon:

Enhanced UI/UX for Templates, including:

  • Full-screen code editor with live preview
  • Inline AMP validation
  • Mobile device preview
  • Improved Templates management page

Enhanced Recipient Lists:

  • Interactive list upload
  • Improved Recipient Lists management page

We Always Want More Feedback!

Hopefully, you’re equally as excited about AMP for email as we are! I’d love to get direct feedback from you on whether or not you plan to send AMP email and any awesome use cases you’ve come up with. Please share your thoughts with me via survey (use the QR code below to take you straight there)! I’ll be checking the responses and will get back to those who request a follow up with me to talk through getting started on AMP or integrating onto SparkPost!

~ Isaac