“What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice?” I recently posed this question to the women of MessageBird and in honor of International Women’s Day today, we’re sharing all that compiled wisdom and advice for women in tech with you!

The women of MessageBird work around the world on teams at SparkPost, Pusher, Taxi for Email and 24sessions. They encompass a unique point of view in the workplace as women working in tech.

Women in Tech Around the World

Deloitte Global reported recently that in 2022 large global technology firms, on average, will reach nearly 33% overall female representation, up slightly more than 2 percentage points from 2019.

It’s a modest increase, but also a step in the right direction, however, Deloitte Global’s report expressed concerns that women in tech still face challenges, especially those brought on by the pandemic, that could hamper that growth.

Deloitte reported that a majority of women (51%) feel less optimistic about their career prospects now than they did before the pandemic – citing better access to flexible work models, such as a “work from anywhere” model, as a solution to reach a wider and more diverse talent pool.

Women in Tech at MessageBird

While this is a SparkPost blog, we’re a proud MessageBird company. MessageBird is made up of women from around the world with different strengths, experiences, and nuggets of wisdom they’d offer to their younger selves – advice for women in tech just starting out, and we’re excited to compile that here!

International Women's Day Advice

“There is no timeline on reaching your goals in your career or personal life. You are always right on time for you. I reached my career goals early on in my 20s at my first job out of college. I reached my marriage and mommyhood goals at 38 and 40.

Life is truly all about the journey, not the destination. The destination is always the best place to reach but trust the journey as you go through the process and keep the faith that in time you will reach the destination.”

~ Kara Welch, Customer Success Manager at SparkPost

International Women's Day Advice

“If you don’t reach out for it and take it for yourself, no one will hand it to you. Don’t let the opportunity slip!”

~ Klaudia Piaskowska, Email Design System Lead at Taxi for Email

International Women's Day Advice

Don’t fear, fear. When you’re nervous or afraid, take those feelings and flip them upside down into excitement. Don’t react to your hesitation, but respond to it. Tell yourself that you’re going to do it, and do it well.

~ Sasha Malcolmson, Lead Technical Support Analyst at SparkPost

International Women's Day Advice

“Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. The worst thing you can get is a no and that’s never as bad as you think it will be.

(And let people take photos of you. No matter how awkward you feel, you’ll always wish you had more a few years time.)”

~ Hanna Crombie, Content & Communications Manager at Pusher

International Women's Day Advice

“I would tell myself that the importance of just doing ‘the next right thing’ is how I’ll handle many of the biggest and hardest moments in life. This is true for relationships; big life decisions; career discussions; dealing with crises; and more.

It’s from part of a quote that my favorite author, Glennon Doyle, uses all the time. So often we want to have a clear line of sight on why something has happened or what’s going to happen in our future but we can get tripped up by trying to have the perfect plan or feeling overwhelmed by even needing to have a plan at all. Take a breath, think of the next right thing, and then keep doing that will lead you where you’re meant to be.”

~ Amie Durr, Vice President Product at SparkPost

Global Perspectives, Universal Advice

While the women of MessageBird come from all parts of the globe and all walks of life, as you can see their advice for women in tech, and their younger selves in general, is universal: don’t fear the journey.

Thank you to all the women on the MessageBird team for all they do to keep our company running and special thanks to the women profiled here for sharing their personal advice.