My fellow Harry Potter geeks probably had an image of Mad-Eye pop into their heads the moment they read the title. This is how I think about product development: “constant vigilance.” As a Product Manager, I’m always on the lookout for ways we can improve our product to better serve our customers.

Creating useful, intuitive products isn’t easy; it feels like there are a million considerations and deciding which problem to solve is quite the challenge to wake up to every day.

The most clarifying activity is simply getting on a call with our users and chatting about email and analytics. Those conversations uncover the most impactful ways we can improve our product and helps me focus on the most valuable problems.

For example, when our users want to compare several different domains or subaccounts or any other filters they have to rebuild the report in different tabs from scratch, which is quite annoying. One of our awesome power users walked me through one of his normal flows through SparkPost and showed me how much frustration this small issue caused.

All this is a very long way to lead up to the fact that you can now right-click on the filter links inside of the SparkPost Signals reports and open up the report in a new tab, as you’d expect.

In the end, this isn’t a big change or major launch, but it is the kind of quiet, behind-the-scenes, incremental improvement that helps make the product better.

So give it a try! Maybe this change will make your day a little bit easier.

As always, we love to hear your feedback. Send us an email to if you have any suggestions on changes we can make to make SparkPost work better for you. If you want to get on the phone and talk about email, analytics, or SparkPost, shoot me an email at and we’ll find a time.
Happy sending!

—Avi, Technical Product Manager

❤️Big thank you to Kevin Chu, Brian Kemper, Jon Ambas and to all the Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams for their effort in making our product and service better