converting consumers via email

If you work in brick and mortar retail, when was the last time you were able to spend Thanksgiving with your family for the whole day? This year, Dollar General, Kohls, Macy’s, and RiteAid are just a few of the retail stores that plan to be opened on Thanksgiving. There are many retailers who are heeding the backlash that has come in recent years and will remain closed on Thanksgiving this year. But online never closes, yet there are barriers which keep consumers from purchasing.

converting consumers via email

Barriers to Purchase

Many consumers use their mobile devices to find the best deals, but what exactly inhibits them from completing their purchase? It turns out, in a recent study by Mapp, the most cited barriers to purchase are a) difficulty navigating the eCommerce site and b) hard to type in information, thus abandoning their cart. How can email help?

Converting Consumers via Email

In 2015, according to Custora, email marketing was the primary channel driving online Black Friday sales, accounting for 25% of transactions. For Cyber Monday online revenue, email accounted for 22% of orders. (Click here to see some of the clever Black Friday email campaigns that we thought stood out.)

Tips to convert via email

  1. Start early. According to eTail Insights, most retailers have already started their holiday email campaigns in October, with their goals being conversion, engagement, to drive foot traffic, and to build consumer relationships. To download their full 2016 eTail Holiday Insights report, click here.
    converting consumers via email
  2. Optimize your email for mobile. Last year’s Cyber Monday mobile sales grew 53%, totaling $838 million. Now more than ever, with 56% of emails opens happening on mobile, it is crucial for our email templates, eCommerce sites and our landing pages to be optimized for mobile.
  3. Use your abandoned cart triggered emails to convert consumers who have abandoned their cart by sending them a reminder email. (To learn more about how to drive engagement with triggered emails, download our free guide.)
  4. Use coupons. When it comes to marketing/advertising emails, most consumers (ages 18-34) expect free shipping automatically. You can win them over with dollars or percentage discounts in addition to free shipping.
  5. Use emojis in your subject lines to stand out from everyone else clamoring for your consumer’s attention in the inbox. Studies show that brands who use emojis in their subjects lines experience a 45% higher open rate.
  6. Use larger font in your body copy. Consider your target audience. While Millenials might find 10 pt font to be readable, there’s a reason Apple and others have come out with the Plus size versions of their mobile devices. Use 14 font or larger when creating your email.
  7. Make your call-to-action buttons large enough. Make your CTA buttons large enough so that the end consumer can tap on it and get to what they need. Apple suggests making your CTA buttons at least 44 pixels square.

Let me know if you have any questions.

~ Tracy

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