Empower your team to create better email

You may have heard talk of Email Design Systems in the email marketing community lately. They’re a hot topic, and marketing teams are beginning to understand how they can transform the way teams create email – enabling them to do it at pace and scale with total confidence, collaboration, and without risking design errors.

You may already be convinced you need one, while also realizing the challenges of building one. Or you might have everything you need in place already, but you don’t know where to start or what process to follow. This is where Taxi for Email by SparkPost is on hand with our 5-step guide to creating your own Email Design System

We take you through the whole process of creating the Email Design System that you, your team and your marketing strategy needs. We cover it all – from the initial research stage right through to the post-launch maintenance phase – as well as giving you top tips at each step to get the most out of the whole build. 

Read the 5-Step Guide to Email Design Systems to learn:

  • What exactly an Email Design system is
  • How and why they are structured as they are
  • How they help your team, and if they are actually what your team needs right now
  • 5 easy-to-follow steps on creating the best one for you, your team and your marketing strategy

Download the essential guide to creating an Email Design System, and build your marketing team a world where they can create better email.

~Matt Parsloe

Marketing Manager, Taxi for Email by SparkPost