We want to pull back the curtain on the SparkPost Customer Success team and shine some light on what we do, how we do it, and how that benefits our customers. 

The Customer Success team is a uniquely-positioned unit. We work in the nebulous space between your company and ours. The easy way to answer the “What do you do?” question is to say we facilitate the success of our customers blah blah blah; the much harder and more accurate way is to say we help ensure alignment between your goals and ours.

SparkPost relies on our team to provide real time insights into our customers’ challenges, ideas, and goals. We, in turn, rely on our customers to help uncover those insights. We then weave it all into a coherent North Star narrative that keeps SparkPost moving in the right direction and helps to serve the greatest good for our customers and industry.

Our corporate values are an excellent rubric for how we achieve these goals. They outline our ethos and explain exactly what’s in it for you. Below is a slightly modified version of our values, edited to specifically highlight our relationship with you.

We are transparent

Courageous authenticity drives our conversations and interactions with our customers. Whether sharing successes, failures, or challenges, we learn from each other and focus on solutions to make each other better.

Transparency is the foundational value upon which all others stand. One of the ways we maintain transparency is through regular Business Reviews and Status Calls conducted with our customers throughout the year. These touch points are an opportunity for open dialogue between our company and yours, and they’re a hallmark of our team’s work.

We are intensely curious about your business. We want to know everything from how you’re using our products and services to how you’re tracking toward your goals. On a typical call, we’ll explore questions like: How is your experience with our products? What gaps have you noticed and how can we help close them? What are your KPIs and how can we help you look good? Are you setting your sights on the next horizon and wondering how to get there?

As an organization, we believe in the virtuous cycle of transparency. Your feedback — both positive and constructive — is encouraged and always welcomed. It’s shared with every relevant team internally so the right people can act on it. Your feedback fuels our development efforts, shapes our service offerings, and sustains our long term agility.

We collaborate

We win as a team. We value collaboration across the company and with our customers. We work passionately and with commitment until the job is done.

Customers who share their challenges, ideas, and goals with us have a front row seat to the action. They see that “better together”, a guiding principle at the core of our email delivery and email analytics products, is central to our collaborative approach to work.

Simply put: We win more when we play as a team because the sum of our combined strength, knowledge, experience, and effort is greater than the parts.

Our goal is to create the best products and services in the world so that you can do some awesome things with email. Regardless of what’s in our job description, when any one of us sees an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of a goal, we take ownership of that opportunity and show up for everyone. 

We are empowered

We have autonomy to think for ourselves and make decisions. We are innovative and operate as entrepreneurs. We take risks, show initiative, and pursue goals with grit.

At the heart of it, our Business Reviews and Status Calls are designed to answer one question: How can we help you overcome your challenges?

We’re a solutions-orientated organization of outside-the-box thinkers. When it comes to achieving better email and business outcomes, we have the latitude to bridge internal gaps, assemble ad hoc teams, bend inflexible rules — whatever the situation calls for. 

If you’re facing a new challenge — like tackling a pernicious Gmail deliverability problem, increasing your guaranteed rate to 2 million messages per minute, or taking advantage of micro moments to drive engagement and revenue — ask how we can help. You might be surprised by the answer.

We show gratitude

We encourage authentic acts of gratitude such as showing respect, being humble, practicing empathy, and recognizing accomplishments and contributions. We believe that gratitude results in happiness for ourselves and our customers.

We fully recognize that the success of our company is intrinsically tied to the success of yours. And with dozens of partnerships spanning a decade or more, it’s clear you appreciate how we’ve evolved to serve your needs over the years.

From everyone at SparkPost — and especially from us — thank you for your transparency, thank you for your collaboration, and thank you for empowering us to do our best work each and every day.

We are proud to bring you the world’s best email products and services, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

Happy sending,

Your SparkPost Customer Success Team