Hello, I am the Director of Compliance and Deliverability at SparkPost.  My team is a part of the SparkPost Deliverability team and our focus, for the most part, is on our Self-Serve customers that are using our shared pools (groups of IPs that are used to send traffic for more than one customer).  As Director, my main responsibilities are to monitor and maintain the health of SparkPost’s shared pools, ensure that our customers comply with SparkPost’s Messaging policy, identify and terminate phishing or other nefarious activities, and provide deliverability guidance to our customers so they get the best possible inbox placement. 

Here is a look at my typical workday as SparkPost’s Director of Compliance and Deliverability:

I begin each morning by reading my emails, getting caught up on Slack, and preparing for any morning meetings.  After that, I start to dig into the day’s work.  I typically keep a list of all projects that I am currently working on and depending on the priority, I will spend time on a variety of projects.  Today I will work on classifying bounces and writing Adaptive rules.  This is another responsibility for myself and my team.  We are tasked with making sure that all email errors (bounces) are classified, which essentially is categorizing an error so our customers can understand what the error is telling them.  You can see our list of bounce classifications here.  We also maintain the Adaptive ruleset.  Adaptive is a module that dynamically adjusts sending to a mailbox provider based on the errors we are receiving.  For example, if we start seeing an error that says, ‘Too many connections’, Adaptive will dynamically reduce the number of connections to that mailbox provider.  We do this to maintain a good sending reputation for SparkPost and for our customers.  You can read more about the Adaptive Email Network here.  

Next, I meet with my awesome team.  We meet every day to perform a “handoff” of time-sensitive issues, as well as talk about other topics or projects we are currently working on.  I say “handoff” because my team covers 3 different time zones and while one team member is ending their day, another member is just starting theirs.  This is the time we talk about topics such as new phishing attempts and what characteristics to look for, customer deliverability issues and how to solve them, current IP/domain blocks, and industry news.  This meeting is very important to us since this may be the only time we get to talk to one another during the workday.  We also use some of this time as a wellness check-up to chat about other important things like family, friends, and other non-work activities.  

After my team meeting, I eat a quick lunch and prepare for any meetings I might have in the afternoon.  These meetings can be with customers regarding deliverability issues, as well as internal meetings discussing issues or new initiatives.  For example, yesterday I met with a customer to help them diagnose their deliverability issues at Gmail; never an easy task.  

When I am not in meetings, I continue to work on various projects.  Most of these projects are geared toward monitoring and improving the health of our shared pools as well as identifying inappropriate activity on our platform.  I also take time to keep up with industry news and stay involved in organizations like M3AAWG.  

When my workday winds to an end, I usually go out for a walk or do a yoga session.  This allows me to think through some of the unsolved problems of the day and helps me wind down for the evening.