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In this edition of email marketing news, we’re looking at the issues of conversions and ROI when it comes to email and social. Email emerges as a clear winner,which brings us to the issue of data security. With the world’s biggest brands relying on DMARC  email authentication, you’re soon going to be out of luck if you’re trying to get into the inbox without DMARC. Now guess what that’s going to do to your conversion rates… But never fear, we’ve featured a how-to guide to contacting ISPs!

Email Still Rocks! Social, Surprisingly, Stinks!

Analytics guru, Avinash Kaushik, has thrown his hat into the rink with this one. As expected of a digital marketing evangelist for Google, he shares some stats to back up his bold statement that email far outperforms social when it comes to conversions, by nearly 40 times. Here’s the graphical proof.

customer acquisition growth

But wait… it’s not game over with social, and that’s because social excels at entertainment and building relationships. It’s just not the platform you turn to when you research or want to make a purchase.

Contacting an ISP that doesn’t have a postmaster page

Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL all have different rules when it comes to accepting or rejecting your mail, which is why your deliverability is not the same across the major inbox providers. Adaptive Delivery® can solve deliverability issues by automating and auto-tuning outbound email delivery parameters and traffic shaping in real-time, but if you’re not a customer, here’s a guide to the kind of information to provide when you contact your local ISP. Hint: Include the sending IP address in all correspondence!

Do Millennials Believe in Data Security?

Data Privacy Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can all forget about data security! While millennials most often engage in bad habits when it comes to data security, they are also the most informed on security risks. That calls to mind a statistic presented by the Online Trust Alliance where 89% of data breach incidents could be avoided with simple security best practices. Ironically, the IT and Finance departments tend to be the worst offenders, when they should have the most to worry about. The nonchalance of millennials when it comes to data security also coincides with the rise of people who work remotely and need to access work files there and then.




Prominent Brands Cut Email Abuse by More than 50% with DMARC

In the world of email, DMARC comes to mind when thinking about data security. The good news is that both senders and receivers are seeing a significant reduction of malicious emails in inboxes with DMARC adoption. The bad? Senders without DMARC will find themselves increasingly locked out of the inbox. Here is what our customers have to say about DMARC:

“DMARC protects more than 85% of the people who receive email from Facebook. That level of adoption has significantly diminished the financial incentive for criminals to spoof our domains, so they’ve moved on to other targets. People can trust their inboxes more as a result. We’re proud to have been one of the first companies to deploy the DMARC specification at scale, and we’re excited to see so many others achieving great results.” – Michael Adkins, Production Engineer at Facebook

“DMARC was eye-opening for our security team at Twitter. We found massive amounts of abuse from both our domains and look alike domains we’d claimed. Using DMARC to protect these domains and stop forgeries is a core component of how we protect our users.” – Josh Aberant, Postmaster at Twitter

“As awareness of DMARC prompts more senders to make the protection of consumers and brands a priority, Return Path has seen a 130% increase in both clients and domains publishing valid DMARC records over the last twelve months alone, and that growth is only accelerating,” – Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path.

2014 State of Digital Marketing – An infographic

Backing up Avinash Kaushik’s statement on email is a survey of marketers who felt that email provides the clearest ROI among a variety of channels. 36% of marketers indicated that email provided a clear ROI, while only 12% felt social had a clear ROI.

Millennials may well learn a thing or two about data security by reading the How DMARC Is Saving Email eBook. And hey, if you aren’t a millennial, read it anyway! Find out why the world’s biggest online brands are turning to DMARC for email authentication.

How DMARC Is Saving Email