The common approach to spending on email infrastructure is, as with most capital investments businesses make, to get the best quality product with the capabilities you need while paying as little as possible. But too often this sets up a choice between what seem like the only two workable options: a) use a cloud-based email service provider (ESP) or b) purchase and manage your own sending infrastructure based on open source MTA software.  Outsourcing to the cloud is really convenient, and in many cases it’s the best way to go. You get access to good deliverability tools and experienced email professionals, but recurring  fees can get pricey as your volumes grow.

Eventually, many high-volume senders opt to go in-house with open-source MTA software, which is really inexpensive – at first. But as volumes grow, so does the need for more hardware and personnel to run it all. The fact is, the cost of “free” open source software skyrockets when you’re paying to manage dozens of servers and leasing expensive data center space. If you’re currently on open source, you’d be smart to take a look at a dedicated solution specifically designed for the needs of today’s high-volume senders, like Momentum from Message Systems.

Messaging Infrastructure that Pays for Itself

Message Systems provides a cost-effective alternative to commodity email infrastructure. With our solutions, you’ll recoup your initial investment fast, and continue to enjoy lower operating costs year after year – driving gains to your bottom line. Message Systems solutions free you from many of the operational and development costs that make conventional on-premise MTA infrastructure so expensive to run. With Message Systems, you can:

  • Consolidate & Save
    Superior throughput, speed and scalability mean that you need less hardware – a single Momentum instance typically replaces 12 to 14 hardware servers running open source MTA software.
  • Automate & Save
    With automated deliverability capabilities, API toolkit and scriptable policy engine, Message Systems solutions streamline ISP relations and eliminate most code development chores associated with open source infrastructure – so your operations and development teams can get to work on more profitable projects.
  • Go Green & Save
    With far fewer hardware servers, Message Systems customers also see drastic reductions in power consumption, meaning they have a much smaller carbon footprint.

In the words of Jack Hogan, CTO and Founder of Lifescript:

Only two months after implementing the Message Systems solution, we were able to reduce our email management costs by 66% while increasing output by 500%. Combine that with excellent customer service and strict compliance standards, and it’s clear that Message Systems offers the most solid business investment.

Choose Flexibility

Companies with really high sending volumes nearly always find that managing email through an on-premise messaging platform is the best way to ensure optimum delivery and maintain a healthy sender reputation. But not all senders want to manage servers and databases, and that’s where Momentum Managed Cloud comes in. With our hosted offering you get all the benefits of the world’s most powerful digital messaging platform without worrying about the day-to-day minutiae of running servers and software. Momentum Managed Cloud reduces your technology expenses, eases the burden on in-house IT staff and lets you focus on your core business.

Learn more about how open source or low-cost messaging providers can actually inflate your costs when you try to grow your operations in The High Cost of Free Messaging Software E-Book.

The High Cost of Free Messaging Software