Engagement Based Automated IP Warmup Makes Building Reputation Easy

Being “in the know” is cool.  Especially when what you know can save you time, headaches, money, and precious roadmap space. Today we’re launching a major enhancement to our Automated IP Warmup feature that we’re excitedly referring to as EBAWU (eee-bah-Woo!). EBAWU stands for Engagement Based Automated IP Warmup and we think it’s one of the best products we can provide you as a sender when you need to add dedicated IPs. 

EBAWU works by segmenting your recipients to specific IPs based on their last interaction with your mail. Has this recipient engaged recently, do they seem interested in your mail stream, are they opening, clicking, and acting on your mail? EBAWU! That recipient’s mail is delivered through your warming IP to help it build a positive sending reputation. 

What if a recipient hasn’t engaged recently? Maybe they’re on vacation, maybe they’re taking a break from technology, maybe they’re dopamine fasting and your messages simply bring too much joy. Whatever it is; EBAWU! We make sure that recipients that aren’t as engaged are delivered over your already warm and reputable IPs. 

Because this feature requires a little bit of finesse from a Technical Account Manager, this is currently only available for our Enterprise Customers. If you’re passionate about that changing or just want to express some excitement for the newest email acronym – tweet us using #EBAWU @SparkPost! Check out the newly updated article about Getting Started with Automated IP Warmup to learn more about how and why it is important that we warm IPs.

EBAWU – it’s just another one of the ways that combining delivery and predictive analytics makes us #BetterTogether. It’s nice to be in “the know”.  

Happy Sending and Happy Holidays, 

~ Harold Vass