Email is so ubiquitous that most of us take for granted that every email we send will be received immediately. But, what’s really happening behind the scenes? Why do certain emails end up in spam? While these are certainly interesting questions to ponder when sending a one-off personal email to a friend, the answers to these questions can be a bit more daunting when applying them to your business. When email is mission-critical to your business, as it is for financial services companies, it’s important to build a strategy that addresses the challenges and nuances of email communication.

Our new ebook, Email 101 for Financial Services, is designed to help financial services companies learn how to improve the ROI of their email operations. In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate newer sending regulations that affect data and privacy
  • Everything you need to know about email authentication
  • Key differences between sending customers’ transactional emails, like bank statements and account activity versus marketing emails
  • Guidelines for navigating customers’ preferences and permissions
  • Techniques for building and maintaining an excellent sending reputation
  • Metrics you should monitor to measure the success of communication efforts

Whether your focus is email marketing, onboarding and user engagement, retention or customer service, every undelivered message is a missed opportunity — and a hit to your bottom line. Don’t let mediocre deliverability rates erode the value of your email operations. The best practices discussed in this e-book will help you ensure the best possible inbox rates — and the best ROI for your financial services business.

Don’t let your questions about email go unanswered. Download Email 101 for Financial Services now to learn how to create and implement an email strategy that will work for your financial services business.