The start of the new year is always a time to make resolutions and set intentions. For many, this is a time to get back on their gym routine or pick up that book they’ve been meaning to finish for months. While self-improvement is certainly commendable, here at SparkPost we’ve set our sights on…you guessed it, email!

Over the course of 2018, we polled over 500 hopeful Litmus Live attendees to learn about the types of email challenges that keep them up at night. We crunched the numbers and compiled our findings into the handy infographic that you can share with your email team and other key stakeholders at your company. As promised, we included resolutions we think you should set when it comes to your email operations and strategy. Based on our findings, creating resolutions around data, resources, design, deliverability, and engagement are a smart way to begin your new year.

We hope that even if you never make it to the gym or finish that book that our recommendations on how to best address email challenges enable you to have a happy and successful 2019! Happy new year!

– Erica