Like a classic black dress or a comfortably-worn pair of jeans, some things never go out of style. The same is true of many email deliverability practices that have become second nature to email pros.

Whether you’re focused on traditional email marketing or more complex applications such as user onboarding, notifications, and other growth functions, some perennial best practices are as important today as they’ve ever been. These fundamentals of email deliverability include:

  • Segmentation, warmup, and reputation management of email streams to help ISP mailbox providers treat your messages in the way you expect.
  • Proper configuration of email authentication to protect your recipients and brand from phishing and other email attacks.
  • Above all, the cardinal rule of sending only to customers who actually want the email you deliver.

But it’s 2018, and a field as complex as email deliverability doesn’t stand still. Technical practices in particular evolve as the capabilities and standards of email infrastructure for senders, mailbox providers, and end user devices become more complex and capable over time.

Relying on habits of a decade ago means risking your email performance and reputation. Some common practices of the past have become less effective or even outright counterproductive. On the other hand, new ideas and approaches are enabling senders to improve the quality of their email and create more opportunities for user engagement.

There are few people with more experience navigating the ever-changing waters of email deliverability as SparkPost’s team. Our deliverability pros recently published “The New Rules of Email Deliverability,” a guidebook to the rapidly changing state of email deliverability. In it, the team shares the latest developments in email, including:

  • The evolving nature of sender reputation
  • How to cope with blacklists (and why whitelists aren’t a silver bullet)
  • Adjustments to old IP and domain warm-up practices
  • How app notifications and other triggered emails have changed email’s status quo
  • Why recipient and user engagement matters more than ever
  • And more! ?

Yes, we’re excited to share this guide. It’s good stuff that’ll help you ensure the emails you send arrive just where they will have maximum impact: your users’ inboxes.

Once you’ve had a chance to read the new rules, we’d love to hear how it changes your own approach to email deliverability. Send us a tweet or hop over to SparkPost’s community Slack channel to chat.


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