Shopping for the email geek in your life, or just want to support a fellow email geek this holiday season? Check out our Email Geek Gift Guide!

Editor’s note: None of these links are affiliate links. The idea of this guide is to support email geeks who are makers and spread some holiday joy!

For the cleverest of email geeks

Our first pick for our Email Geek Gift Guide is probably no surprise to most die-hard email geeks out there. We’d be happy to be gifted just about anything from Najmah Salam’s Etsy shop.

Najmah’s shop has a great mix of t-shirts, mugs, and stickers. Whether you’re shopping for a geek who likes to wear their sarcasm on their sleeve; a coffee-connoisseur; or a sticker-fiend who covers every inch of their laptop or water bottle with their favorite iconography, you’re sure to find the perfect gift!

Here at Sparkpost, we’re loving the “Email Geek” design and the 1980s inspired production-related design definitely made us giggle in the very best way. 

For the email geek whose boss said email was dead

Email geeks are notorious for their love of stickers and the stickers from Carin Slater’s Etsy shop would be great additions to any collection. 

These fun designs give a dubious nod to the many times we’ve been told that email is dead. We love the idea of giving that email geek who’s crushing it in their role the “Email’s Dead, I Killed It” sticker. Let them know you’re cheering them on in their success!

For the snarkier variety of email geek

The proprietor of the EllucyStitches Etsy shop isn’t an email geek (that we know of, anyway) but she does have some fun options in her shop with email appeal.

Her “Per my last email” embroidery kit, pens, and stickers would be perfect gifts for the snarkiest of email marketers on your list.

And who hasn’t had a day when the “Nope” or “Ugh” designs wouldn’t sum it up perfectly? Full disclosure: depending on your workplace, some of the designs in this shop are NSFW.

For the sweeter email geek

If you’re looking to support a fellow email geek and aren’t necessarily worried about giving in an email theme, this next shop is for you. Email geek Marissa Michele’s designs will make anyone on your list this season, smile.

If you have a friend celebrating a milestone like an engagement or wedding, we love her custom wine bottle labels. Her mirror decals are also a great way to give anyone (or even yourself!) a daily pep-talk.

For the punny email geek

Email Loot is an email geek-run treasure trove of merchandise featuring email puns. Anne Tomlin’s shop features t-shirts, mugs, and stickers, giving you plenty of options for finding the perfect gift.

Some of our favorites here:

  • The mug with the relatable phrase, “I Didn’t Choose Email; Email Chose Me”
  • The “If Statement” t-shirt, which is perfect for the marketing ops guru in your life

You also can’t go wrong with anything featuring Eunice the Email Unicorn, ​​Delfina, Finley, & Josefina, the Email Dolphins, or Travis the Email Owl.

For all of us

For the last entry in our gift guide, we picked an option that’s not specifically related to email, or email geek-owned. We hope you’ll forgive us because Goats and Totes is filled with the kind of vibes we’d like to take into 2022.

We love the “Doing my best” keychain and the “​​The Sun Will Rise + We Will Try Again” pin. The pack of postcards is sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face.

Do you have a favorite email geek maker we didn’t include on the list! If so, tweet us and share the details! We’d love to include them in a future guide and share the love.

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