While you might know your customer personas like the back of your hand, it can be hard to figure out what really makes your clients tick. Getting a subscriber to not only open your email but better yet, make a purchase because of that message is no easy feat! 

There is always room for improvement, but can it be done quickly? I think so. Here’s five easy-to-take, fast but also effective steps consumer facing brands can take to improve email marketing:

A good beginning makes a good ending. No point in sending emails nobody wants to open, so focus on your subject line and make it smart and irresistible. Try to engage your customers by evoking curiosity or urgency (e.g. by mentioning an expiring offer).

Rethink your CTAs. There can be a number of reasons why a Call-to-Action didn’t work; perhaps it wasn’t clear enough, perhaps it wasn’t strong enough, or maybe it wasn’t relevant. Have a close look at your best performing CTAs, and compare with those that didn’t work well. A simple but very efficient technique to improve a CTA is to place it higher in the email, and repeat it throughout.

No need to abandon hope. Did you know that in the UK, sending a series of three abandoned cart emails can lead to a rocking 131% increase in conversions? Redesign your cart abandonment email practice, aiming to send your first email within a few hours of abandonment instead of a few days. 

It’s all about appearances. Consumers judge your emails based on their looks. Go for smaller-size emails; not just because they render faster, but also because they are less likely to get cropped by ESPs. Think about your email template and text-to-image ratio, and opt for simpler but impressionable designs.

Use your Data. What went wrong in the past? From engagement insight to your comparative analysis and even your company’s email health score, you can have all the information you need to make things work in the future. Just bring it into action!

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~ Sam