Email has long been meant to be a deep rooted driver of retention and enhanced customer relationships. What’s happened instead is a blast approach where the channel is used to gain short term profits. The short term approach to measuring email performance on a campaign by campaign basis misses the mark in evaluating a more holistic look at the customer journey. Additionally, even in the short term, there are measures we are overlooking in light of keeping with traditional standards of measurement that have been around for a long time. Why not take a look at where we have potential slip-ups and see how to course correct? Here’s just one area where we need improvement and clarity:

Missing Critical Measures 

Most email marketers follow a template of standard measures that have long been used in the industry, but you really can see all of your campaigns in a different way by adding new measures that fit more with the strategies of today. Here are a few:

  • Unsubscribe rate is calculated by taking the number of unsubscribes and dividing by the number of emails delivered. Why not also look at a new rate of disengagement that takes clicks into account as the denominator to give better differences from campaign to campaign? Unsubscribe rate isn’t taken as seriously because it’s such a tiny percentage of the large list. If you look at disengagement by clicks, though, major offenders stand out. 
  • True clicks that back out the number of unsubscribe clicks because those often count as clicks too. (and aren’t good ones!)
  • Looking at inboxing vs. deliverability by looking at the number of emails that made it to the actual inbox and not the spam folder. Deliverability metrics often show anything let into any folder of a recipient’s mailbox and that includes the spam folder. 

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