The Value of an Email

Have you heard of the expression “no news is good news”? Of course you have. Well, try saying that to an upset customer who didn’t receive an email with their order delivery update.

You probably smiled to yourself as you pictured the angry customer versus the apologetic company representative (I know I did). But we all know that this is not at all funny. An incident like this can actually cost the company not just one single customer, but much more (customers, reputation, brand reliability). Indeed, bad news travels fast; according to The White House Office of Consumer Affairs, news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.

I’m sure this is no news to you: Customers generally like to be kept informed. They want to receive updates about their recent purchases (whether a new garment, the weekly grocery shop, train tickets, etc). They want to know of new products they might like, and customers particularly like news about discounts, offers, and loyalty rewards. They enjoy being asked about their experiences and enjoy the opportunity to evaluate your service. Customers expect to receive your emails, and both quality of content and timely delivery will affect their experience with your organisation.

The humble email has evolved in value and importance, and it can affect your relationship with your customers. No matter how thoroughly designed and well executed your loyalty programmes are; if your customers don’t feel valued and appreciated, if they feel ignored or uninformed, they will look for alternatives. They will look at your competition.

I hate to break the news (well, not really), but the simple email is not that simple anymore. In fact, it is one of your most worthy weapons in your daily battle against competitors. While it remains humble, user-friendly, and definitely one of the most cost effective methods of communication, still it bears significant commercial value that translates into positive results towards strategic business KPIs (such as customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and repeat business). That’s why it’s imperative that your emails always reach their recipients, and they reach them on time.

The value of reliable email delivery cannot be overstated and we at SparkPost are always here to help. Explore our deliverability resources or reach out on Twitter directly so we can ensure your emails make it where they need to go.

-Greg Lee

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