We are halfway through 2022, the Summer Solstice 2022 here in Northern Hemisphere is behind us, and the final 6 months of the year stretch ahead.

To celebrate making it this far, we thought we’d take a moment to admire some of our favorite summer email examples. 

Do any of these land on your favorites list?

Summer Email Example 1: Beekeepers naturals

Beekeeper’s naturals are reinventing the medicine cabinet by creating clean, effective products powered by the beehive and backed by science.

Beekeepers Naturals summer email example

About this email:

  • Simple but high-quality product shots: clean backdrops help your eyes focus on what’s being promoted instead of everything else going on in the email
  • Limited copy: let the imagery do the talking
  • Well structured: not too much going on so it’s easy to navigate through
  • Gorgeous yellow which is totally on-brand – makes you feel happy reading through (feels bright, positive which is what you want from a health brand)
  • It’s a natural health brand so you want a clean, crisp feel (no toxins) and you get this
  • Great size font and CTAs for accessibility
  • Only thing would be the bottom two modules the images aren’t loading but other than that it’s a great email!

Summer Email Example 2: Ashley & Co

Modern-day scent company Ashley & Co prides itself on creating long-lasting, memorable scents and superior products. All scents are provided where they currently reside, in New Zealand to ensure quality is always high and sustainable.

Ashley Co. Summer Email example

About this email: 

  • Promoting their new product line: dog shampoo
  • Everything is focused on the new launch from the subject line “Sit! Stay… You’ll Love This New Arrival” to the headlines “celebrate the sniff”. Using humor which is a nice touch
  • Simple product shots and clean backdrops keep your eyes on what they want you to
  • Warm earthy tones extend from the email to the packaging. Plus the product shots are placed next to plants/flowers/nature to further push the point it’s 100% natural
  • Simple layout, lots of empty space which works well – helps it look editorial style, plus you don’t really need to read the whole thing to get the gist.
  • No CTA’s which is interesting, just in-text links

Summer Email Example 3: Goody

Goody is a platform that allows you to pick and send gifts without needing an address – only a phone number (so woke!). The recipient supplies the address once they receive the text and the sender can select from multiple brands. 

Goody summer email example

About this email: 

  • The email acknowledges Pride Month in a really fun way – why not celebrate it with the ones you love?
  • All the products chosen are really thought out, there’s more to this email than just selling – when you purchase one of these products you are donating to a charity affected by the LGBTQ+ community 
  • Kudos to their designer for the background image module at the top – a bright and fun summer email example
  • Very on-brand – purple CTAs used for each gift (notice how the rainbow ends in purple and it naturally flows through the CTAs)
  • Use of a border-radius on all the modules makes it easy to read, softens the email a little too and it’s consistent in the images and CTAs

Summer Email Example 4: Grind

Grind is a London-based coffee company, restaurant, and bar supplying sustainably made coffee beans/grinds/pods.

Grind summer email example

About the email: 

  • The email is sooo pretty: We love the pink background (not many brands do it this way, a lot do it the other way around but because the pink isn’t too harsh it works nicely without taking away from the actual copy) 
  • Personalized icons: to discuss their different coffee blends. It shows when a brand puts in more effort with personalized imagery and icons. Also helps explain what the pod strengths are without having to read all the copy, these icons can be used across web/email/social so are multi-purpose but help set the imagery tone for the audience 
  • Great product shots and used a background image in their hero module which all flows well. We love the crossover between the text and image which is cleverly placed so it’s not messy or hard to read.
  • Most of the email isn’t trying to sell the product, it’s to teach the reader about what they do so it helps build a relationship

Summer Email Example 5: Jones Road

Jones Road is a clean beauty brand founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown.

Jones Road summer email

About this email:

  • We love how the subject line – “Get this sultry summer eye look” – and preheader – “One swipe is all it takes” work together to let the reader know immediately what the email is about: An easy summer makeup look
  •  The subject line is The purpose of this email is to teach the reader how to achieve this specific summer look using Jones Road makeup. We love how the product is featured and shows an actual outcome for product use
  • Great product shots that clearly show the texture and color. These images give the reader a good idea of what they can expect from the product if they make a purchase
  • Set up in a four-step process the email is easy to follow and makes the process – and the product – feel more accessible for the reader with a clear CTA at the end to “Shop the Look”

Summer Email Example 6: Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos. 

Skillshare summer email example

About the email:

  • We appreciate how this email works to elevate Black voices in honor of Juneteenth in a thoughtful way
  • The email does a good job with accessibility features such as well-structured email headings and alt text for images
  • The CTAs are clear and stand out against the email imagery in an on-brand bright green color
  • The colors overall in the email are eye-catching and exciting making this a great summer email example
  • The email feels educational rather than salesy in the way it highlights these specific teachers and why Juneteenth is important to them

So what do you think? Do these email examples put you in a summer state of mind? We’d love to see your favorites. Tweet us @sparkpost to share!