Getting GIFs right in email

Lots of marketers have started using more GIFs in email to engage with their audience and bring in a level of animation – which wasn’t previously possible. And whilst brands want to stand out in their subscriber’s inbox, GIFs help do exactly that by catching the reader’s eye through moving imagery.

But GIFs can do more that just create a “buzz” – they can be used for lots of reasons. For example: promoting a new product, teasing a new trailer, educating or explaining. Where copy is limited and copy areas in email can be small, GIFs fit into this space really nicely. You can see this in action by different brands such as Netflix, Lyft, Uber, Starbucks etc. who use them. (Download our guide for more examples!)

GIFs, like other animated elements in email (such as animated background images), should be used to add something to your message, rather than be part of every email. And of course marketers need to think of accessibility challenges for their subscribers, as well as considerations around length and GIF size.

That’s why we are so excited to share with you our Ultimate Guide to Animated GIFs in Email and hope that we can inspire you to get started with your own GIFs!

In this Ultimate Guide you will learn:

  • What is a GIF?
  • Do GIFs work in email? A support breakdown 📈
  • Pros and cons of using GIFs in email
  • GIF considerations: lengths, frames and sizes
  • Deciding if you should use a GIF or not
  • Getting started: creating your own GIF

Download your guide today and let us know what you think!

~Hattie Howard

Marketing Manager, Taxi for Email by SparkPost