Finding Your Spark In 2018

Happy New Year! It’s that time again when we press the reset button to start making resolutions to achieve over the next 365 days. Whether it’s stepping out of your comfort zone, going after the job you’ve always wanted, or signing up to run a 10K race; at the beginning of each year, we are re-energized and ready to turn over a new leaf.

What is our New Year’s resolution? This year we’re resolving to share more about our employees, the spark that drives them each day, and how our culture of empowerment inspires us all in a new blog series called “Find Your Spark.”

In this series, we want to:

  • Give you, our readers, a glimpse into what life is like at SparkPost and share our unique culture
  • Share behind the scene stories and the impact employees have made both in and outside of SparkPost
  • Illustrate how our culture filters through everything we do

Why The “Spark” You Ask?

It all started with our award-winning #FindTheFlame campaign and the 6-foot LEGO statue of our logo at AWS Re: Invent. The flame symbolizes power, energy, and the creative spark to drive innovation – a perfect metaphor for our core values. Each brick depicted a strand of our DNA that tells the story of everyone (whether an employee or customer) who helped us get to where we are today; and whose stories became intertwined with our own. As a result, we created a spark that keeps igniting ideas, allows us to break boundaries, and keep innovating.

We Are Just Getting Started

In the past, we’ve given you a glimpse of what life is like at SparkPost, such as our parental leave policy and how we empower women in leadership roles. In this series, you’ll hear from folks such as our founder, our product and engineering team members, and other leaders throughout the company. Each will offer a unique perspective about what our spark represents to them and what is the fuel that allows them to push forward each day.

Hopefully, our stories will inspire you to go out and find your own spark – and you never know, maybe that’s here at SparkPost.

Stay tuned for our post on Monday to learn about how our design extraordinaire came up with the concept of our logo. In the meantime, feel free to tweet us – we would love to hear from you!