One of the quirks of selling information technology solutions is that buyers often need a lot of assistance and education in negotiating the purchase process. And it’s frequently the case that the entities best placed to provide that assistance and education are the vendors of the IT solutions in question. It’s nearly the opposite situation as what goes on with consumer purchases.

Think of how cars or clothes or smartphones are sold – through brand advertising that appeals to our sense of fashion on what’s hip and cool. Functional attributes are in the mix, of course (and certainly more so with cars and phones than clothes). But nobody ever bought a Corvette because it provides the best value as a commuter vehicle.

IT infrastructure purchases are so different because they inevitably come down to an individual making a buying decision on behalf of their employer. We’ve all heard the saying “No one ever go fired for buying IBM.” The flipside to that, of course, is that plenty of people have gotten fired for making the wrong call. Which brings us to a new piece of content we just launched: Finding the Ideal Email Solution Provider – Getting the right one is key. Asking the right questions is crucial.

Here at Message Systems where we sell email infrastructure solutions, the typical sales journey for new customers begins when decision-makers within that company begin to realize that their current email solution isn’t getting it done anymore. Maybe they’re having issues with declining deliverability or engagement rates. Or perhaps it’s becoming difficult to scale their operations to handle a surge in new customers.

Let The Buyer Be Aware

The list of issues or problems that can arise with email infrastructure and operations isn’t endless, but it is extensive. Our new guide catalogs as many of these issues as we could identify, and discusses the best options for senders who are on the market for a better way to send email. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to email. For a lot of senders an ESP or cloud solution is going to work best. For others, nothing less than a high-performance on-premises platform will do. Finding the Ideal Email Solution Provider walks the reader through the various questions that will arise during the buying process, explains the options available in choosing one route over another, and sheds light on what kind of outcomes you can expect.

This guide was a team effort, and the original idea for it emerged out of discussions within our internal editorial board. We wanted a strong outside perspective to inform the content, and we were lucky enough to be able to convince email industry veteran and blogger Ken Magill to write an initial draft for us. Many thanks Ken! We built on his draft with content that originated with several of our internal experts, including Tom Mairs and Mike Hillyer from our solutions engineering team, and Jose Santa Anna and Amie Durr from our product development and marketing teams, with some editorial support from your humble correspondent, and the usual stellar design contribution from our creative director Lynn Murphy. A big Thank You to everyone who helped make Finding the Ideal Email Solution Provider a valuable new information resource for postmasters, IT managers and email marketers.