Accessible Emails for All 

It’s our job as email professionals to provide a great email experience to everyone on our list – and that truly means everyone. Emails should be easy to read and understand, even if someone has a disability. And the World Health Organization reports at least 15% of the population has a known disability. That’s no small number.

This means a sizable segment of your audience might not be able to read your emails! This further proves that accessibility considerations should be a regular part of your email creation process. However, even though most seasoned email geeks know how important accessibility is, we’re often underwater with our workload, and optimizing for accessibility can quickly fall off the to-do list before an email needs to go out the door. 

But it should be a must-do item on our email checklist. That’s why we’re gathering top email accessibility tips from some of our industry’s finest. Join us to see how attainable accessible emails really are. 

Live Webinar on Building Accessible Emails

Email Accessibility Send It School Course

Tune into the next installment of our Send It School series on Tuesday, April 26 at noon ET, led by email experts Elliot Ross and Avi Goldman, to reach more of your valuable email audience. This classroom-style webinar will cover the ins and outs of accessibility, including tips on: 

  • The pros (and challenges) when it comes to creating accessible emails
  • Accessibility considerations for your email strategy, design, copy, and code
  • How you can improve accessibility at scale using an Email Design System 
  • How to frame a pitch to your leaders on why changes are needed (so you can get the resources you need!)

For more information on email accessibility, you can also check out: 

Accessible Emails are a Work-in-Progress for Us All 

Accessibility shouldn’t be so hard! In fact, what if you could make your overall email production process more efficient, while also ensuring your emails were more accessible? You can. I’m going to wrap up with a shameless plug here because, after over a decade in email marketing, I joined the SparkPost team last year… and Taxi for Email blew. my. mind. 🤯

Taxi helps you create repeatable and scalable processes to design better emails, faster. It also makes creating accessible emails far more, well, accessible. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve used countless ESPs, email editors, email templates, email project management processes, and other strategies to make email production more efficient… and Taxi is hands-down my favorite email tool to date. I know it’s a SparkPost solution so I’m biased, but trust me on this. I use it every single day, and it has reduced my email headaches more than anything else on the market in the last 10 years. 

Ok, enough of that. (Not sorry though.)

See you in email accessibility “class” on April 26! 

~Koertni Adams

Sr. Content Marketing Manager, SparkPost

P.S. Check out our past Send It School classes on-demand to become a full-fledged email geek master.