There’s no question about it. You need to get your emails in front of your business audience. But, even the most seasoned email pros have trouble getting their emails into corporate inboxes. Why? Because business email filters are substantially different from consumer email filters. And, with these tricky filters come a whole different set of best practices that are specific to sending to business recipients. More than that, most deliverability resources out there focus on B2C sending which means B2B deliverability best practices are hard to find and therefore hard to implement.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our upcoming Send It School course on all things B2B email deliverability taught by expert, Laura Atkins! Laura has over fifteen years worth of experience in helping companies mitigate and manage mailing risks, respond to spam complaints and interact more effectively with ISPs. She works with clients via her consultancy, Word to the Wise, to define email-related goals and to identify and implement policy and procedural changes that further those goals. 

On March 23rd from 9-10am PST, Laura will explore:

  • the differences between business and consumer filters
  • what does and does not affect how filters act on email
  • metrics and tools to use when monitoring business delivery
  • actionable strategies to improve business delivery

Just like our other Send It School courses, this live event will be structured as a class filled with actionable tips and tricks. (Email) Geeks rule our school, which means you shouldn’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask Laura your geekiest email questions during the Q&A portion of this class.

If you or your company sends email to a business audience you won’t want to miss this live course on B2B Email Deliverability. Register now! 

~ Erica

P.S. Want to get to know your instructor, Laura Atkins, before class is in session? Check out Email, duh. Episode 2, where Laura and our founder George Schlossnagle chat about her career in the world of email.