Now that we’re through Halloween and into November, email geeks everywhere know that it’s full speed ahead on the holiday season. And while most holiday seasons are already charged with a special kind of electricity/anxiety/anticipation to get huge campaigns and sends out the door, this season especially (like the rest of 2020) has higher stakes than ever.

With news outlets urging consumers to tackle holiday shopping earlier this year and talk of “cyber week” turning into “cyber month” with an estimated 33% YoY increase in holiday sales, the teams in charge of email campaigns are bound to feel even more pressure than usual. They’ll need to keep things running smoothly and avoid any unnecessary hiccups in getting promotional offers and deals out to customers. No pressure, right? Like always, we’ve got your back! Hot off the press, the SparkPost team put together this holiday cheat sheet to help you prep and navigate common deliverability issues and ensure you’re thinking through what *could* go wrong, so that you can ensure it doesn’t.

We asked our in-house deliverability experts to weigh in (the ones who actually help our customers navigate any deliverability issues in real-time), so this isn’t some marketing fluff piece to get your click! 😉  The sheet is a comprehensive list of their tried and true deliverability tips to make it through the holiday season unscathed.

The Holiday Deliverability Cheat Sheet covers:

  • Out-of-the-box personalization techniques
  • Re-engagement strategies to try in advance of Black Friday sends
  • Strategies to ramp up message volumes so you don’t overwhelm the systems you have in place
  • Ways to keep tabs on what your direct competition is doing
  • And more!

So whether you send your mail with SparkPost or another email provider, these holiday deliverability tips are applicable to anyone in charge of hitting that scary ‘send’ button this holiday season. Check it out and let us know what you think!

~ Jen