Is email critical to your business? Join the club. For countless businesses, email serves as an integral part of their customer communication strategies. Whether it’s shipping confirmations, password resets, or promotional mailings, organizations rely on email to deliver these important messages. With email’s numerous applications, businesses, like yours, can’t afford to choose the wrong email solution. That’s why we’re excited to announce our brand new eBook: The Buyer’s Guide to On-Premises MTAs.

Sometimes a cloud based email solution just won’t fit the bill. Whether it’s regulatory, geographic or security constraints, there can be a real need for a tried and true On-Premises MTA to efficiently and reliably send email for your business. Our new guide, will help you first determine if an on-premises solution makes sense for your business and then address some of the trickier questions you may have when selecting a provider:

  • Is an on-premises MTA right for my business?
  • Which on-premises MTA will meet my privacy and security needs?
  • What factors should I consider when selecting an on-premises email provider?

We know that selecting an email delivery service can feel overwhelming, particularly when email is the backbone of your business’ communication strategy. More than that, selecting the wrong provider can result in a poor experience for your customers not to mention inconvenience for your team. Fortunately for you, our new guide will help you simplify your buying process with a comprehensive checklist and easy-to-read table outlining the features of each of the leading on-premises MTAs. 

There’s no reason you should be in the dark when selecting your on-premises email solution. Our guide will help shed light on the details you need to focus on when selecting an email vendor that will no doubt be an integral part of your marketing stack. 

If you’re ready to take the first step in picking the perfect MTA to meet your needs, download The Buyer’s Guide to On-Premises MTAs now. Once you’re up to speed on the competitive landscape of on-premises MTAs you’ll be able to confidently select the one that best fits your organization’s requirements.

~ Erica