As someone who is deeply motivated by checklists and crystal-clear plans, I appreciate any material that not only provides me with theory and best practices on how to do my job better, but also shows me EXACTLY how to implement those concepts. As marketers, our day to day is flooded with invites to webinars and prompts to download papers on a multitude of topics, promising to help us achieve better ROI, more leads and on and on. What those materials are often missing is the tactical plan to execute on whatever strategy they’re promoting. 

That’s why I’m so pumped to share our latest guide with marketers everywhere, Email Measurement Explained. We’ve combined decades of collective email experience (from both marketing & technical sides) into one guide, breaking down each metric and stat that you’ll come across in email. Then, we explain what you can do with those metrics and the story they tell about your subscriber base, campaigns, etc.

The guide is broken out into different sections, so you can easily reference metrics for campaigns, deliverability and audiences respectively. In addition to that you’ll also learn:

  • Applications for the data you’re calculating
  • Which stakeholders might care about the numbers you’re reporting on
  • Which metrics matter most when proving the value of email in your marketing strategy

So again, we’re not promising to change the world or quadruple your ROI with a single download of this guide, but we are providing guidelines on how to start calculating metrics and to improve overall reporting. These calculations will help you prove to company leadership how well your email strategy is constructed and why your organization should continue to allocate budget towards email. Setting a benchmark based on your own performance is a key way to measure improvement, and accurately measuring your data in the first place is a great starting point.

We hope you find it valuable!

~ Jen