The best way to up-level your marketing know-how is by learning from the experts. But, sometimes it can be hard to find the expert knowledge you need to sharpen your skills, particularly as many professionals are discovering how to navigate a marketplace substantially impacted by COVID-19. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest eBook: Marketing Trends and the Customer Experience.

In this publication, leaders from across the MarTech landscape share how the market has changed since the beginning of 2020 and what marketers can do to adapt. The eBook begins with an introduction by our own Head of International, Sam Holding, where he contextualizes the following 6 “chapters” written by 6 different experts respectively:

  • Chapter 1 is by Hannah Stacey, Brand and Product Marketing Director at Ometria. Stacey speaks to how COVID-19 has pushed marketers towards authenticity. She posits that due to the current state of the world, brands must be very careful to consider the context in which their messages will be received.
  • The next chapter is by Michelle Novak, Customer Success Manager at Iterable. She focuses on why email is the perfect customer retention platform. She says that even though email isn’t the “sexy new kid on the block” it is a reliable driver for consistent ROI. 
  • In the following chapter, Aleksey Danchenko, COO of eSputnik, turns the focus to the importance of data in retention strategies. He points out that as people continue to “stay home” customers’ digital footprints will grow exceedingly.
  • Florin Armasu, CEO of Data Innovation, focuses his chapter on customer retention. He says that multiplied customer acquisition and retention create sustainable growth.
  • In chapter 5, CEO of Stripo, Dmitry Kudrenko, writes that “email gives customers a choice.” He believes that email is a core aspect of customer-centric marketing as subscribers choose when they open an email and engage with a particular brand via their inbox.
  • In the final chapter of the eBook, COO of Phrasee, Victoria Peppiat, talks about the “era of ethical marketing”. She says that now more than ever it is important to understand your customers to build long-term trust with them.

Dive into each of these chapters in more detail by downloading our brand new eBook, Marketing Trends and the Customer Experience today!

~ Erica