How do you convince your boss that a project you’d like to work on is worthy of your time and your company’s budget? Certainly everyone has their own finesse when it comes to these sorts of conversations. And, as someone who recently was able to convince their boss to let them write about The Bachelor for work…I am obviously a pro when it comes to the art of persuasion. Fortunately, when it comes to convincing your boss to invest in email we’ve created a powerful tool called Delivery Index, so you can rely on cold hard facts and data rather than relying on your near encyclopedic knowledge of reality television to get the job done. ?

Just like your Apple Watch or Fitbit tracks your athletic performance and health, Delivery Index gives you insight into the health of your email marketing program. It’s important to give your leadership greater insight into your program’s deliverability since hitting “send” doesn’t always mean your message will go to your customers’ inbox. Once you type your sending domain into the tool, Delivery Index will give you a deliverability score between 1-10. Our free tool also breaks out this score by Internet Service Provider (ISP), providing opportunity to troubleshoot and optimize even further. In the example below, you can see that while this sender has great deliverability overall, when it comes to Outlook there is definitely still room for improvement. 

For those that aren’t in the weeds of email marketing everyday, it can be easy to think that a low score at Outlook but an overall high score across all 4 major ISPs is nothing to worry about. As marketers, we know that depending on your list size, a score of “7.0” when sending to Outlook could mean hundreds of thousands of your emails are not being seen by your customers which could have a huge impact on your bottom line! That’s hundreds of thousands of potential add-on, up-sell or cross promotional emails skipping the inbox and heading straight to spam never to be seen by your customer.

It’s so easy to assume that once a message is accepted by an ISP, your customers will see that email. Delivery Index shows that this is not always the case, and that oftentimes what seems like only a little bit of room for improvement can mean major dollars for your organization. So, when you’re building your argument for why your company should invest in email, start with Delivery Index— our free tool will do the work for you!

~ Erica