What is a Growth Surface?

A growth surface is a key feature of your product that encourages user activity. The theory here is that the more your customers interact with a particular feature, the greater the potential for the product to grow and evolve based on that engagement. Essentially, a growth surface is intrinsic to your product, making it a fundamental feature that has the flexibility to change over time based on the way it’s being used.

An Example of a Key Growth Surface

LinkedIn has grown their product by offering their Pulse app directly into their platform. LinkedIn Pulse was originally created to deliver timely news, tailored to the user as a standalone application. As users interacted with LinkedIn Pulse, the app became a fundamental part of LinkedIn’s offering, therefore it no longer made sense to keep it separate. Through user interaction, LinkedIn Pulse became an intrinsic feature — offering stories trending at your company, or at those similar to yours in your industry, and all within the LinkedIn newsfeed. LinkedIn Pulse is an example of a growth surface that had the ability to evolve based on the needs of the customer.

How Do You Grow A Product?

If you want to grow your product, then learn how your customers are using it. A key growth surface is determined with increased engagement. This is where existing customers become more important than new customers. A current user demonstrates through continued interaction how a product is really being used and how it can evolve. As a particular feature is experimented with, the goal is that it has the potential to adapt to what customers want, which leads to business growth.

Learn More About Growth Surfaces

In our upcoming educational webinar on September 13th, Scaling Your Product by Identifying Key Growth Surfaces, join SparkPost’s SVP of Growth, Daniel Chalef and Drift’s VP of Growth, Guillaume Cabane, as they discuss how to identify and maximize key growth surfaces which enable direct, positive impact on business growth.

During the webinar, panelists will examine:

  • Examples of key growth surfaces and how they drive product and business
  • Where to look for potential growth surfaces and how to expand these features
  • A key growth surface that facilitated user engagement and increased business for Drift

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– Julie