Whether you’re picking an email delivery vendor for the first time, or reevaluating your current provider there is no shortage of information out there to consider. To make an educated decision you not only have to learn all of the industry jargon (can you say Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 5 times fast?), but also sift through the biased reviews left behind by the email marketers of yesteryear. Once you’ve done all of that, you’ll have to narrow down the choices based on which factors are most important to your organization. But, what should those factors be?

In order to help you identify which factors you should use to “grade” email vendors and ultimately make the decision that is best for your business, we created the below infographic: 9 Factors You Should Consider When Selecting an Email Vendor. We hope that this infographic makes your selection process more streamlined and maybe just a little prettier!

While this infographic is certainly a helpful tool in its own right, we recommend using it in tandem with our brand new Buyer’s Guide to Email Delivery Platforms! The guide provides:

  • New trends in email technologies
  • Changes in email over the last 5 years
  • The core elements of email delivery
  • Questions you should ask email providers that you’re evaluating
  • Updated data, privacy and regulatory laws to be aware of
  • A comparison of features across the most reputable email providers

As a driver of nearly 18% of all business revenue, there is absolutely no doubt that email is integral to not only your business but likely your competitors’ as well. With such a great impact on your bottom line, it’s imperative that you select the right email provider the first time (or if you’re reevaluating your current provider…THIS time). More than that, email is often one of the primary ways customers choose to get in contact with businesses. With such a close relationship to the customer experience, email can be make-or-break for customers’ perception of your company. That’s a lot of pressure riding on your email platform!

The good news is that between our Buyer’s Guide and infographic…you’ve got this! We hope that these tools make selecting a provider a little less daunting. It’s time to start your decision-making process, good luck (not that you need it) and happy sending!

email buyer's guide

~ Erica