Become a SparkPost Engineering Intern

An internship opportunity can be incredibly valuable to your growth and career. Landing a cool internship can be one of the most important steps you take as you prepare to enter the workforce. There are many reasons why working at SparkPost as an Engineering intern is a fantastic idea! Here are the top 5:

Work on real technology

An internship at SparkPost means you get to work on the exact same crucial projects our full-time developers and engineers are working on. You gain the experience and knowledge you’ll need to rely on as you enter the workforce. You get exposed to things you can’t learn in the classroom. Additionally, you get to see your hard work directly in our products. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Learn more about the cool stuff we’re working on!

Leads to full-time opportunities!

The opportunity to gain the hands–on experience is essential but there’s the added bonus of building a network. You can create a strong referral network which is priceless. Not only can you use the real world experience that you developed, but you also have the opportunity to impress those around you that can attest to your stellar skills! In fact, several of our interns have transitioned to full-time roles at SparkPost! Read where some of our previous interns have landed in this blog post.

Work with awesome people

At SparkPost, we have smart, passionate people that really enjoy what they do. You get to work side-by-side with mentors and learn on a daily basis. Have a question or want to learn more? Our small environment empowers you to learn from the smartest minds in the industry.


We host two internal hackathons a year and our interns get in on the fun! You get your creative juices flowing while working with other engineers to develop fun and interesting ideas. You may even see your idea implemented in a future SparkPost release!

The Perks!

Pizza, ping pong and all the snacks you can eat? Yes, please! We like to keep things fun here at SparkPost. We work hard but our culture promotes the little things that make working at SparkPost fun! Read about our intern culture.

“I love the openness and culture. There’s a huge focus on communication. I’ve been given work that challenges me but nothing that I can’t handle. Even when I’ve run into issues I can ask my fellow interns or any of the employees for help. It has been such a fun learning experience – I really couldn’t ask for anything better.”
–Avi Goldman, former intern, now a Software Engineer at SparkPost

And finally, engineering interns aren’t having all the fun! Other areas of SparkPost also offer exciting internship opportunities. You can check out our Marketing intern’s journey here as an example.

We’re also currently hiring for Summer Engineering Interns! If interested, you can apply here!

-Jayne Tanton

Other questions around working for SparkPost or on becoming an Engineering intern? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our recruiting team directly.