International Women’s Day

Every night I go home to my family – my husband, an eight-year old daughter and a five-year old son. The differences in conversations I have with my two children are striking. My son and I talk about cartoons, toys and why he shouldn’t be jumping off of furniture. My daughter and I talk about her future – as in what she wants to be when she grows up. Today (and for the last six months) she wants to be a scientist – a chemist to be exact. This choice makes me happy and a little bit scared. Although the number of women in STEM fields is increasing, it still isn’t near being proportionate to men in these professions. I have hope that this will change by the time she reaches the professional world. If more companies put a focused effort into women’s initiatives like SparkPost, the future looks bright for all women in the workplace.

Making Strides

This year alone, SparkPost has made gender equality in the workplace a top priority. We conducted a market salary analysis for all of our jobs with a focus on making sure that women were being paid commensurate to men in the company. Another initiative was to create a parental leave policy that allows new parents to take 8 weeks off – fully paid – to care for their newborn or adoptive children. The company also makes a conscious effort to promote from within. I am very proud to say that 42% of our Vice President leaders are women – all promoted from within.

In today’s work world, women are trying to balance the needs of both work and their lives outside of work. They are trying not to define themselves by either choice, but to have a life well lived. SparkPost embraces this choice by offering flexible work arrangements such as working remotely, working flexible hours or working part-time. We also have many women in our company who utilize these flexible work options.

In May, SparkPost will be continuing our community volunteering efforts at Success In Style whose mission is to help women achieve a professional image to increase their confidence when going to an interview.

On this day to celebrate women and embrace their achievements, I am proud to say that I work for SparkPost. SparkPost looks out for the best interests of all employees, but also makes a conscious effort to ensure there is equality in the workplace for women.

And I am hopeful that one day my daughter works for a company just like SparkPost.

-Julie Acri
VP, Human Resources